Hi, my name is Sara, and I’m guessing you are a mum just like me or a mom to be.

You have probably heard multiple people say this before but I am going to say it anyway; being a mom is truly a full-time job.

I did not fully understand what this means until I had my first kid. There is a lot of things I needed to take care of the baby and I had to learn that the hard way.

Here is what motivated the start of mummy essentials

Motherhood sometimes gives you a feeling of isolation, especially when you do not have a mom tribe to talk to or turn to when you need something. This feeling of loneliness is one you want to avoid during that period.

This is how it started out for me and most people on the https://www.mummyessentials.net team. Some time ago I put a halt to my career in science to be a new mum and may I say that this was one of the most difficult moments of being a new mum.

Without my mum around and my friends still busy with their career paths, I had no one to turn to. life was difficult, especially during the third trimester and the first year of having my baby boy. I would not wish what I went through on any new moms and that is why https://www.mummyessentials.net   was created. Mummy essentials give you an online platform where you can get and share information from other moms. You could say that this is a digital mom tribe.  The baby and mummy essential blogs on this websites aim to connect with you and your baby by giving you relevant and useful information.

Mummy essentials is a survival guide for a new mom, the website is a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge, tips, and products for pregnant and new mommies.

Preparing for the new baby

When you visit a store while you are still in the first trimesters all you will be thinking is that you do not need that much for your baby… But you honestly do, you just do not know it.

There are so many things people do to prepare for the new baby including;

  • Learning about the birthing process
  • Talking to multiple doctors to find one for the baby
  • Planning with the partner or family for the process
  • Talking to other mothers
  • Preparing people close to you
  • Knowing the dates

And so much more, but if there is one important thing most people forget to do is pack the pregnancy bag and purchase mummy and baby essentials before the baby is here.

The last thing you want to worry about when the baby is ready and labor starts is id you have all the essentials you need for the baby and id they are packed. You need to ease your mind and life by getting the essentials a couple of months before your due date. The essentials are personal items that make you and your baby’s life easier.

A new baby requires so many things including an installed car seat, clothes, diapers, bottles and so much more. The sooner you know what you need to purchase the easier it is when the baby arrives. When is the right time to do all that shopping? Getting all the essentials during your third trimester will make the first year of motherhood very simple for you.

Do not make the same mistakes as me!

Most of us tend to make the same mistakes, especially with our firstborn babies. When I was pregnant for the first time, I made the biggest mistake one could make; I did my shopping for the hospital bag a few weeks into labor and didn’t really care for travel and other baby essentials. This is because I never thought we actually really needed them until after a couple of months with the baby.

You see, I thought I could squeeze in a couple of hours after for the first few months to get all the baby essentials I needed. The problem is, I never got enough time. When you have the baby, you never really have any time for yourself especially when you are getting very limited help. I struggled for a while but I finally got what I needed a couple of months post-baby birth and I also learned a lesson.  For my second baby, I was ready for all challenges and aim to help all new mommies not to make the same mistakes as I did.

Everything you need to know about being a new mommy

Contrary to popular opinion online, the hardest part of being a mum is taking care of that new delicate little angle you brought into the world.  They need much more care than they did when they were comfortable in your belly.

You need to be ready always- having bags packed for the hospital, travel and an emergency is completely normal. It saves you time, keeps things organized and gives you the energy to do something else instead.  Make the most of your pregnancy time, do research, shopping and all that so you can have plenty of time to rest after the baby is here.

Babies are always messy – feeding and changing the baby will require some level of skill that you will have to master fast. Good quality products will last you forever and you can re-use them with your next children if you are planning on having another.

Traveling with your new baby

I bet you didn’t think about travelling with the baby before you had the baby. Well, me too. Apparently, you need to get a baby traveling kit and it is essential for even one-month-old babies. Who knew that this parenting thing was that serious huh?

Diaper bags

A diaper bag is the first travel essential for you and your baby. It keeps all your essentials organized, safe and ready to use when you travel with the baby.

The best features for your diaper bags

The size – a large diaper bag is preferably better because you can use it for both long and short distance travel.

Material- you want a diaper bag that will withstand almost anything when you are traveling. You shouldn’t have to buy another diaper bag for your second or third bay when you could get a perfectly good one that will give service to all your babies.

Compartments/pockets – the more the compartments the better the diaper bag, but do not go too crazy with that. Keeping things in separate compartments make them easier to trace when you need them and keep the diaper bag organized.

Style – are you a fashionable mom? If yes, you will want your diaper bag to reflect that. a neutral-colored stylish convertible bag will go with almost all your outfits.

Something for mummy and daddy – a diaper bag with a compartment just for you will make things easier to carry. A pocket for your phone, keys, and cards will separate your things from the baby’s keeping them clean and protected from any germs.  A USB system on the diaper bag is convenient to help you keep your phone charged at all times.

Must have diaper bag essentials – What you need to make the diaper bags whole

  • Wet and dry bag – to store wet and dry nappies separately before you pack them into the diaper bag. Keeps things clean and keeps out the mess.
  • A baby bottle bag /breast milk cooler – insulated bag to keep the baby bottle warm or cold.
  • Wipe case – to hold your wipes, keep them from drying and at a close and accessible range.
  • Pacifier holder – this is a pocket for the baby’s pacifiers, to keep them clean and easy to access.
  • Changing pad and cover – a safe and clean place to change the baby’s diaper and cover is removable and waterproof to keep the changing pad clean.
  • Diaper caddy – saves you time to stock and pack or change the baby
  • Toys and plastic filing systems

What goes into your diaper bag? (Packing your diaper bag)

  • Cot sheets, blankets
  • Diapers /nappies
  • Wraps
  • Bottles – baby milk (nursing/formula)
  • Baby oil/lotion
  • Wet and dry towels/wipes
  • Baby powder/rash cream
  • Clothes – onesies and socks
  • Washcloths and burp cloths
  • Hats
  • Nipple cream
  • Breast pads
  • Pacifiers
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Extra outfits
  • Light snacks
  • Plastic biodegradable bags
  • A nursing cover
  • Toys

Keep in mind that some of these items are necessary at every point of travel while some of them will depend on how long you will be out or how old the baby is.

What to pack in your hospital bag


  • Pillow- to make the bed more comfortable (if the hospital allows this)
  • Toiletries – to keep fresh in your stay at hospital
  • Snacks and drinks – for when you get hungry
  • Thermos flask – to keep warm drinks or water
  • Knickers and Puppy pads
  • Flip-flops – when you need to walk around comfortably
  • Wet wipes and sanitizers – to keep you and your area clean and sanitized
  • Lip balm – keep your lips moisturized
  • Charger, phone, and camera – to capture the moment and charger to keep your devices alive
  • Face mask, eye mask, and makeup – (if that’s your thing) to freshen up before you meet the family with your new baby
  • Towel – will come in handy
  • Nursing bra, breast pads, going home clothes and dressing gown

Diaper bag for daddy (or other male figures in your life)

We tend to forget sometimes that travel time is not just for mummy and baby; daddy/grandpa/your brother can have travel time with the baby too! This means that they have to use the diaper bag too. According to popular opinion, men very much hate to carry around diaper bags that have all those baby prints and colors on them; which is why you need to get a diaper that can serve both you and them.  Here on Mummy Essentials, we feature reviews like Land diaper bag vs Lequeen diaper bag that help you find the perfect convertible and neutral diaper bags that will be comfortable and easy to use for everyone.

Here are 5 things every new mom should know about surviving the first could of weeks with your new baby.

I think that every mother will agree with me when I say that there is a lot to look out for when you are pregnant. Between the strangers in the checkout line, online resources, experienced moms, ready to chare moms and parenting books, there is so much information and it can be overwhelming. This makes it hard for you to make the right decisions on what your baby needs.  Most people wish that they knew so much about the essentials when they had their first kids, but you do not have to.  Mummy essentials is here to help you get ready to be a new mom but in your own way. Here, moms have experienced the failures and self-doubt that comes with having a new baby and there are here to help.

Use trusted sources for information

While there are many books available on parenting, not all of them are out there to genuinely help you. You need to differentiate between honest parenting sources and businesses. Mummy essentials ensure all the information is honest and from reliable sources to help you get ready for the baby properly.

Listen to your friends and family

Sometimes, your baby’s needs might be unique. If you see or hear about some essential items from family and friends, it is better to take their advice than not.

Formula or nursing?

Breastfeeding is hard and not for everyone. Some mummies cannot produce enough milk for the baby and some just have a medical hindrance and that is ok.  Preparing for such issues is very important and that’s why you need to get the nursing kit ready.  It is perfect for both nursing and formula when you are traveling with the baby.

Do not forget to include your partner

Parenting is not a one man job; you will need all the help you can get. From shopping to the birthing process and even travel, your partner/family/friends should be there for you.

Don’t get caught up with trying to be a perfect mom like all those internet moms you see

In motherhood, there is no such thing as perfect. All you have to do is try the best you can to be the best mother to your little baby. You will face both failures and triumphs with all your babies so there is no need to be hard on yourself.  Do not be afraid to seek all the help you can from friends, family and mummy essentials (because we are your mum-clan)

Essentials for you and daddy

The diaper bag is not just for the baby; it can hold your things too. Sometimes, you do not have the strength to carry two different bags. The diaper bag can hold anything you need as long as it is kept separate from the baby’s items.

Breastfeeding vs pumping

First of all, do not let anyone tell you what’s good for the baby unless you are talking to a qualified medical professional. We all get it, science has proven that breast milk is good and there is no chemical composition that could replicate its benefits. The problem is, breastfeeding is not for everyone; some mummies produce plenty of milk for the baby while others just can’t due to multiple factors.  You never know where you are going to lie, so it is better to be prepared. This means that you need to purchase all the needed tools for formulae and breast milk for the baby.

Pumping your breast milk – working moms

Pumping is very common for working moms. You got to do what you have to keep the baby fed and healthy. Good thing this is the 21st century and most workplaces allow new mums space to pump and feed their babies.  You need the proper pumping attire and essential tools to make this comfortable, safe and sanitary. Here is where the pumping bag and all its essential tools come into place.

Diaper bags vs pumping bag – can one replace the other?

While the diaper bag is meant to carry all the baby’s essentials while traveling, the pumping bag is strictly for pumping tools and milk storage. Generally, you can get a smaller pumping bag and fit it into your diaper bag while you are traveling.

Final word

Take it from me and other experienced mummies. Parenthood is full of sleepless nights even when the baby is not here yet. You need to make the plans a few months before you are read otherwise you stay unprepared for the first few months. Mummy Essentials is here to ensure you do not have to go through all that. Information here is carefully researched and sourced from credible sources to cater to you and ensure you have everything you need before the baby comes.