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5 Of The Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers

5 Of The Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers

If you want to be environmentally conscious and save your wallet at the same time, cloth diapers are the best way to go. However, it can prove to be quite tricky carrying them around, that’s why you need the best backpack diaper bag for cloth diapers.

It’s hard as a mother trying to decide what to pack for your baby when going out and since babies are very unpredictable you should be prepared for anything. You might want to go for the more stylish option, but the best cloth diaper backpack also needs to be durable and reliable if you don’t want to waste your money. Diaper bags come in all different styles you can choose from including tote bags, messenger bags, and backpacks. The best thing about backpacks is that they’re more hands-free which means you can carry all the baby items on your back and still carry your baby with no problem. They’re also a bit more guy-friendly because some men may be uncomfortable carrying a tote bag, but they won’t mind carrying around a backpack.

Things to consider when buying the best backpack diaper bag for cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are mostly thinner than other diapers, so when you go looking for a diaper bag you should make sure it also has enough room to store the liners that you will use with the diapers. These liners help to prevent the liquid and solid waste from soaking through the diaper. Here are some of the things you should look for in the diaper bag.

Number of compartments

You will need plenty of pockets in your bag to store the different things you need to carry for the baby. You not only need space for the diapers, but it also has to have space for wipes, burp cloths, bottles, diaper cream, toys, extra clothes, snacks, your phone, wallet, sunglasses, and many more. The more pockets you have the better organized you will be which will make it easier to change diapers and take care of your baby. Things go much smoother when everything is in its place and you can easily access it.

Bag size

Generally, cloth diapers are much bigger than disposable diapers which means you need a large-sized bag because they take up more space. The diaper bag should also be comfortable to carry because the last thing you want is to get a small bag and not have space to carry enough diapers or space to store the dirty ones.

Material and fabric

Most parents are concerned about diaper bags being made with fabrics and materials like PVC that contain harmful chemicals for your baby, so you need to stay away from such bags. Go for a cloth diaper backpack made from eco-friendly or organic materials that are safe especially for your baby and you. The fabric should also be easy to clean and durable like nylon that will give you good service. It should have strong straps to withstand the weight of the bag and comfortable. The exterior fabric should be waterproof to protect the items inside from the rain and a waterproof interior to prevent leaks.

Wet and dry bag

Although cloth diapers are great, they’re not perfect. They leak when they get saturated with enough pee or poop and the last thing you want is that leaking inside your diaper bag. If the diaper bag you get comes with a wet or dry bag, you won’t have to worry about such messes. A wet or dry bag is a waterproof bag with a zip-top designed to keep baby messes under control. If your bag doesn’t come with one, you can always buy one separately.

Washable material

Spills are inevitable and if you want to keep your bag looking new a few months later, you need to look for a diaper bag made with stain-resistant and easy to clean material. Materials like nylon and polyester are very easy to clean and hard to stain. You also want a bag that can handle being washed frequently since you will be carrying dirty diapers and clothes around.

Insulated compartments

The insulated pockets in the diaper bag will keep your baby’s milk or food at the right temperature for hours so you won’t give your baby cold food or milk. If you can get one with a large insulated compartment, the better so it can hold oversized bottles or several pockets to hold many bottles.

Extra accessories and features

The added features and accessories are a great way of ensuring you get the best out of your purchase. Accessories like a changing pad, stroller straps, a wet bag, and a key holder are all meant to make your life a lot easier. You may also get luggage feet that prevent your bag from getting dirty when you place it on the floor.


When it comes to colors, you may be tempted to go for a diaper bag with beautiful bright colors. However, you need to consider how often you will be using the bag, and besides pastel colors don’t go with everything. A good cloth diaper backpack should have a darker color on the outside to hide the stains and a lighter color on the inside to help you see what’s inside and make it easier to get what you’re looking for.

Review: Comparison table for the best backpack diaper bag for cloth diapers

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Bag Nation backpack diaper bag

14 pockets, lifetime warranty, sundry bag, changing pad, non-fraying stitching, water-resistant polyester.
Large main pocket, 15 pockets, stroller straps, theft-proof pocket, padded shoulder straps and padded mesh back.
Zipped main compartment, a mesh pocket, 2 insulated bottle pockets, padded back with breathable mesh, cell phone and mommy pockets, machine washable.
Large main compartment, 13 pockets, wet pocket, insulated pocket, lifetime warranty, mommy pocket with a keychain, stroller straps.
2-way metal zippers, large main compartment, insulated pockets, wipes pocket, laptop pocket, padded shoulder straps, lifetime warranty.
Bag Nation backpack diaper bag

A popular diaper backpack that is very well designed and well made with a rugged, masculine design. This bag is more functional than stylish and it looks more of a regular backpack which makes it perfect for both men and women. It comes with 14 pockets so you have space to put everything you and your baby need and to help you stay organized. There is a wet pocket that keeps the dirty clothes separate from the clean ones, a big insulated pocket that can fit more than one bottle, a wipes pocket, a large and durable changing pad, and stroller straps.

This diaper bag is made with a durable and water-resistant twill polyester material so you don’t have to worry about spills and the rain, strong zippers to keep everything inside, ergonomically padded shoulder straps for good support and comfort and to avoid shoulder pains, non-fraying stitches, and a padded back with a breathable mesh for extra comfort. A bonus accessory in this bag is the sundry bag to keep the dirty clothes separate from the rest of the items in the bag. Another great thing about this diaper bag is that it offers you a lifetime warranty, and you can also use it even after your child outgrows wearing diapers.


  • Made with water-resistant and durable material
  • Provides a lot of space for putting everything you and your baby need
  • A great bag for both mum and dad
  • Comes with a sundry bag and a large changing pad
  • The shoulder straps are padded and very comfortable


  • It doesn’t stand upright when put on the floor
  • Doesn’t have a variety of colors to choose from


If you’re looking for a great diaper backpack for cloth diapers, the Bag nation is a great choice. It has multiple pockets so you won’t run out of space to put your baby items and is made with durable materials to ensure it provides good service. The padded shoulder straps and back provide comfort and support for your back and the stroller straps are an added advantage when you don’t want to carry the bag.

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Hap Tim multi-functional baby backpack diaper bag

This multi-functional diaper bag has a large central compartment that opens widely and 15 pockets that you can organize all your things. This diaper bag is made with a durable polyester fabric and reinforced shoulder straps which ensure it provides you service for many years. It also comes with 3 insulated pockets to keep your baby bottles at the right temperature throughout, a quick access side pocket for wipes, and a changing pad to help you change your baby’s diaper on the go.

The shoulder straps are widely padded with a 3D breathable padded back that will ensure you stay comfortable all day and the straps don’t eat into your flesh. If you need to take the weight off your shoulders, you can use the stroller straps and the adjustable buckles allow for different people to carry it comfortably. It has a hidden pocket at the lower back that you can put your stuff so you don’t have to carry your purse.


  • It has a gender-neutral design so even dads can carry it
  • The wide opening in the main compartment helps you to see everything
  • It has an anti-theft pocket
  • The padded shoulder straps and back are very comfortable
  • Great customer service


  • The strap stitching frays out


A spacious and multi-functional diaper backpack that is comfortable to carry which makes it a great bag for traveling. Its large capacity ensures that you pack everything that you need even if you’re going on a short or long trip. It’s durable and comes with neutral colors so both mums and dads can use it comfortably.

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JuJuBe right backpack diaper bag

This is a classic diaper backpack that is chic, functional, and versatile. So if you’re looking for both style and convenience, this is the bag for you. It has a stylish design and ergonomic straps with a breathable mesh to keep you cool and comfortable while leaving your hands free to take care of your little one. It’s an excellent bag to take with you on trips or everyday outings. It comes with plenty of space to accommodate everything you need, strong and durable zippers that open easily, 4 main compartments, 5 zipped pockets, a mummy pocket for your keys, wallet, and other personal items, and a memory foam changing pad.

You also get a pocket for your sunglasses. This bag is made with Teflon fabric and treated with Agion which protects it when machine washed and also acts as a stain repellant so you don’t have to worry about stains on your bag. The insulated bottle pockets on both sides of the bag keep the milk, food, or drinks hot or cold. The shoulder pads are ergonomically curved and padded and padded back with breathable mesh for added comfort. The cushiony memory foam changing pad is stored at the back pocket so you’re covered when you need to make a quick diaper change.


  • The material is very easy to clean
  • Easy to open and organize
  • Has enough room for your stuff
  • Has a mummy and cellphone pocket


  • Has only 2 pockets for the bottles


A stylish and durable bag treated to keep away stains and bad smells. It has plenty of room in the main zipped pocket plus other smaller pockets so you will never run out of space to store your things. It also has a pocket for your items, bottles, and changing mat. Very comfortable to carry thanks to its padded shoulder straps and back.

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Hafmall diaper bag backpack

If you’re looking for a diaper bag that is versatile that you can use as a handbag or a backpack, this is a great option. This diaper bag has a large capacity which makes it ideal for multiple functions. It has a large compartment where you can pack all the essential items for you and your baby and 13 other pockets that include 3 insulated bottle pockets, a tissue pocket, and a wet pocket for dirty clothes. Both the exterior and interior fabrics are made with water-resistant polyester material which means you don’t have to worry about leaks and the rain.

The padded shoulder straps ensure that you’re comfortable at all times, and the buckles are adjustable so anyone can carry it. If you want to take a break from carrying the bag you can use the stroller straps to attach it to your stroller. It comes with strong zippers that increase its usefulness and 2 D-rings at the back to hold your baby toys. You can easily clean this bag and it comes with a 90-day return policy if you don’t like the bag. It comes in 4 colors and you can pick a pink one for mum and the black one for dad.


  • The zippers are strong and sturdy
  • The fabric is durable and easy to wash
  • The main compartment opens wide to help you see inside
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Not suitable for machine wash


A diaper backpack with a large capacity with many other smaller pockets to accommodate all your stuff. It’s a stylish and multifunctional diaper bag that you can either carry as a tote bag, messenger bag, or backpack and it has multiple colors you can choose from.

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Mancro diaper bag backpack

A stylish diaper backpack that both mum and dad will be comfortable carrying. It’s easy to wile clean thanks to its nylon fabric that is waterproof and durable so you don’t need to worry about your baby messes. The main pocket has a double metal zipper that keeps your things safe and the adjustable shoulder straps and back panel are padded for added comfort. The stroller straps allow you to attach it to the stroller to take off the weight from your shoulders.

It comes with 2 insulated bottle pockets, side pocket for baby wipes, 2 zipped pockets at the front for your baby’s clothes, shoes, and other items, and a zipped mesh pocket for diapers and towels. There is also a large compartment where you can store your laptop and books. It has a tote carry handle at the top if you prefer holding it like a tote bag. It also comes with a durable changing pad to help you change your baby’s diaper easily.


  • The main compartment unzips all the way down
  • The individual pockets help you to be organized
  • Perfect diaper or traveling
  • Stylish for both mum and dad


  • The main compartment is a bit small if you put a lot of stuff


This diaper backpack is made with waterproof and durable material that is easy to clean and comes with multiple compartments to help you stay organized. It’s stylish with black and grey colors that dads will love to carry on their backs, as a tote bag, or on the stroller.

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Final thoughts

As a parent you can get overwhelmed with so many responsibilities of taking care of your family and your little one, that’s why you need the best backpack diaper bag for cloth diapers to help you stay organized. The Bag Nation backpack diaper bag is a stylish and functional diaper bag that can accommodate all the baby essentials and still have room for your items so you’re well prepared.

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