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Bag Nation Diaper Backpack Review

Bag Nation Diaper Backpack Review

Having a baby is exciting because you have the thrill of taking care of a young one and making them into your own image – but it can get tiring when you have to move around with them. Probably you are going on a road trip with family or want to go on errands, and you have to carry them around while ensuring they stay clean and presentable. In instances such as these, having a dependable diaper backpack is essential, both for you and your baby’s sake.

However, it can be quite confusing finding the right bag – there are so many brands to choose, and all of them promise you great things, even when that is not the case. In this review, we tackle one of the best-known brands in the market – the Bag Nation diaper bag and see whether it is worth your money as well as what makes it a good investment if it is.

What to expect

This is among our top favorites when it comes to diaper backpacks – and for good reason. It happens to host plenty of useful features, as well as pockets for storing your items, which makes your days a little more convenient. If you want a bag that eliminates all the stress of moving around with your young ones and ensuring your hands stay free to take care of the baby, then this is the best pick to make.

It is among the most perfect selections to pick, so it will hardly let you down. We will talk more about it in the features below.

Key features to look at

Very good-quality material

The bag itself needs to be as durable as possible – you want to move around with your baby without worrying that the straps will suddenly cut off or that the bag will start falling apart. The good news is that this bag is made from very strong twill polyester, which also happens to be water-resistant.

To add on this, the stitching is also quite impressive in terms of its strength, since it has non-fraying stitching. Along with the very strong zippers, it ensures that you can use this bag throughout the baby and toddler years of your child, and even use it if you happen to get more children in the future – an added bonus, especially when things are so expensive.


A concern with many diaper bags is that they seem too feminine, probably because of the colors in use or the overall design and aesthetics. However, with this bag, you do not need to worry anymore about that – the design is unisex, which allows dad to take over at certain points and manage your child even when you are not there.

Again, the bag takes on the design of a backpack, so dads can use it without looking out of place, unlike many diaper bags can be.

Organization and pockets

This is quite the large-sized bag – it even features up to 14 pockets that you might not see in many other picks. Not only does his offer you bigger storage spacer, but it also helps you keep the items more organized and stay in place.

The design also includes outer pockets, which will be very convenient when it comes to items that you need to access quickly, while the inner pockets will store the bigger items, as well as those you do not need as often.

Do not forget that this bag also happens to have an insulated pocket, which is very important for your baby bottles, as well as a pocket that is dedicated completely to keeping baby wipes.


This is a very important criteria to fulfill, both in terms of comfort and breathability (so that your back does not sweat from trapped heat) – and thankfully, it is present here. The straps are padded, as well as the back area, making it comfortable to carry. The entire material in these areas is also breathable.

Large size

This pick is quite large, even when compared to other bags. In fact, the measurements are about 14.6 x 4.5 x 11.1 inches, but that does not make it heavy – it only weighs 2.4 pounds.

Travel suitability

This bag is very good for traveling, due to its large size and adequate pockets. This is great because you can store quite a number of things as you move around, such as an extra setoff clothes, baby food, extra diapers, changing pad, bibs, a small blanket, and so on.


The manufacturer has plenty of confidence in this product – and that is why this bag comes with a lifetime warranty. Just in case something goes wrong here, you can always get it replaced.

Extra features

There are additional features you are likely to be really happy with. Among them are the stroller straps – sometimes you might get tired carrying the backpack while moving around with the baby – the straps allow you to attach it to the stroller during those moments that you need a break.

It is also a great addition to have the sundry bag, which allows you to keep any personal baby items – including the baby’s medication, diaper rash cream, and so on.

The package also includes a changing mat, which helps to make the process of diaper changing easier for you. The thing that we would wish for is a larger changing mat which has a plusher surface, but it is easy to buy one that you are comfortable with just in case the available one is bothering you.


  • There is a Lifetime warranty
  • Comes with stroller straps for extra convenience when attaching to your stroller
  • Very many pockets that can store all your baby’s items
  • Comes with a changing mat and sundry bag
  • It has an extendable keychain
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Phosphate and BPA free
  • Neutral design that can be used by both mom and dad


  • Sometimes it tends to fall over because it will not stand on its own
  • If you are wearing a sleeveless shirt, the material can be rough on your skin


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Final thoughts

This is a great bag to use in various situations, both for traveling and for home use. The various feature also make it worth buying, as it will last you for many years to come and ease the burden of taking care of your baby while on the move.

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