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Can I machine wash

Can I machine wash the skip hop diaper bag?

Just like everything else used by the baby, skip hop diaper bags have a tendency of getting dirty on the daily. Can I machine wash the skip hop diaper bag? Read this to find out more.

There is a 100% chance your skip hop diaper bag will get dirty while you are out and about with your baby. The older the baby gets the messier the diaper can be because now they want to hold things on their own, including their meals.

You can find all kinds of stains on a diaper bag, some more difficult to clean than others. Cleaning your diaper bag keeps it clean as well as new. A regular clean will prevent any type of mold, bacteria, or germs from growing inside the diaper bag.

Getting your bag cleaned professionally can be a little expensive and time-consuming. You also do not want to buy another diaper bag because they can be quiet expensive. You can clean your diaper bag at home without ruining it. All you need is some research and a bit of effort to get all the stains and bacteria out of your diaper bag without actually damaging it.

Can I machine wash the skip hop diaper bag?

The skip hop canvas models are good for a machine wash. The canvas material is strong enough to survive the tumble of the machine without any issues. For materials like corduroy, you should only do some spot cleaning and hand wash when you need to. The washing machine spin cycle has the ability to cause wear and tear on corduroy and other delicate materials.

How to do it

The first thing to do is a basic spot clean on your skip hop bag. Spot cleaning should be done every other day to reduce the probability of getting permanent stains on your diaper bags. Machine washing should only be done when you need additional cleaning for your canvas bag.

First, you need to open all pockets and zips on your skip hop diaper bag. If it does not have pockets and zips than you go straight to the next step.

Turn the bag upside down and inside out to take out all the dirt, crumbles and food that may be stuck inside one of the pockets in your bag. This will also ensure you take out everything you might have forgotten inside.

Take off the shoulder straps (if it has any). If the bag also has a removable stiffener, ensure you remove it so you can clean it by hand.  Most stiffeners are made of cardboard and should not be washed; the water could degrade its structure heavily.

Spray any spots with a spot remover before you toss it into the washing machine with the right detergent and disinfectant. Wash the skip hop diaper bag with a regular cycle on warm or cold. Once the bag is clean, you can hang to dry it.

If the humidity outside will not allow the bag to air dry fast, you can use the cold heat or low heat to dry off the diaper bag. You want it as dry as possible to avoid any mold or mildew growth.

You can also choose to wash the skip hop canvas bag on a gentle cycle. Include a few towels inside so the bag is not overwhelmed by the washing machine. The towels balance out the weight and keep the bag from banging on to the side of the washing machine.

For the denim skip hop diaper bags, you should turn them inside out before washing. Most times, you cannot wash diaper bags in washing machines. You are not supposed to do it unless the manufacturer has given you the green lights.

What cleaning products are safe for diaper bags?

You should check the material of your diaper bag before you put it in any detergent. Cleaning detergents can be harsh on certain materials, which is why you need to be careful.

If you have no idea what to use on the diaper bag you should visit the manufacture’s website or contact them for answers. Find out if you should use cold or warm water on a certain bag with a specific detergent.

Cleaning leather diaper bags

Leather diaper bags are the most delicate. Leather bags need high-quality products when cleaning. A genuine leather cleaning product should do wonders for your diaper bag. Do not use any chemicals on your leather bags or else you will damage it. Always try the product on a small area of the diaper bag before you throw it into the washer to avoid any harm.

There are two types of leather diaper bags, faux leather and real leather. They are very different and should not be washed with the same processes. Faux leather is basically plastic and can be damaged greatly when you use strong detergents. Your diaper bag warranty does not cover any damages that may occur when you have not followed the official instructions by the manufacturer. Basically, machine washing a bag that is not marked as machine-friendly voids your warranty.

How to prevent your diaper bag from getting dirty fast

Washing your diaper bag daily is not recommended; it could ruin it completely. To avoid this you have to keep the diaper bag as clean as it can get. This means you should avoid any dirt build-up. Every time there you get dirt on the diaper bag you have to clean it before they become permanent stains. Keep products that are more likely to spill in a Ziploc bag. Keep used diapers and wipes in a Ziploc bag to keep dirt or smell from being absorbed into the bag. Keep the bad away from your toddler/s if you want to prevent any dirt and use a wipe or cloth to remove any stains as soon as they land on the bag.

Final word

Washing a diaper bag is not so hard as long as you learn how to do it the right way. You can machine wash a diaper bag as long as the manufacturer advises you to do so. Taking care of the skip hop diaper bag and cleaning it regularly will increase its durability and give you the service you need.



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