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Can you bring diaper bag into NFL game?

Can you bring diaper bag into NFL game?

Going to the NFL brings L with your kids is not uncommon; some people also bring toddlers to the game. If you are one of them, read this to learn; can you bring a diaper bag into NFL game?

There is nothing as fun as taking your whole family to the NFL games, if you are a football fan. In the past, getting your toddlers through the gates was easy but now you have to consider multiple things with the no purse rules imposed on the stadium. It is much harder to get through to a game with your toddler if you cannot take your convenient diaper bag with you. For a safer environment, the NFL implemented a strict no bag policy. This means that there are multiple restrictions and regulations to the types of bag you can bring into the NFL

What are the rules of the NFL bag policy?

The NFL imposed new no purse rules. This means that no one is allowed to bring any purse or diaper bag into the stadium for the safety of the people.

This is what you are allowed to bring into the stadiums during the NFL

Clear plastic bags

You are allowed bags hat are see-through and made of plastic, PVC, and vinyl. The bags should not exceed 12inches x 6inches x 12 inches. This is the size of the official NFL clear plastic toes available in the NFL shop and merchandise outlets

Freezer bag

You can also bring a one-gallon plastic freezer bag as long as it is clear. Freezer bags are basically freezer bags and something similar.

A small clutch bag

You can access the stadium if you have a small clutch bag. A clutch bag the size of a hand should do. You can take this into the stadium together with a clear plastic bag preferably one mentioned above.

NB; an exception can be made if you are looking to take in items that are medically necessary. The items must be inspected first at a special gate designed for such purposes.

While these laws are great for the safety of everyone going into the stadium, they affect women and children ridiculously. Some of us find it very hard t fit the constituents of our purse into one small bag.  There is no way you can fit your phone, ID cards, and other items into a hand-sized bag.  Most women carry around a wallet, keys, chapsticks and a few other essentials, just imagine what how much you should need to carry if you have a baby with you.

Can you bring a diaper bag into NFL games?

While the no purse rules work for parents and their kids, the NFL has permitted each a bag per child. You are allowed to carry diapers in a clear bag. Each person in the family is allowed to carry an approved bag and clutch purse into the stadium. This is enough storage for everyone’s supplies.

To be safe, you could get everyone to carry a few baby essentials in their clear plastic bags. Everything will be ok as long as the baby items are sealed before you throw them into the NFL plastic bags.

The good news is, fans are allowed blankets to cover themselves when they feel cold. You can carry a blanket for your toddler just in case of weather changes or when they need to use one. Not all handbags are prohibited, you should be able to fit all your items in a clutch bag and use the plastic bag for your baby’s items.

Why did the NFL adopt this policy?

The public, in any form of gathering, should be in a safe and secure environment. The NFL league and clubs review all the stadium security policies and public safety yearly to make sure everyone is protected. The stadium security and dun conduct committee is known to lead the review and collect the information on the policy. Their belief is that adjusting the policy is a great way to enhance public safety while making the stadium access more efficient by reducing the number of bags that go into the stadium.

The no bag measure enhances safety both inside and outside the stadium. It also speeds the security screening process for all the fans.

How the policy makes it more convenient for fans

For one, it allows you and other fans to move through the security checkpoints faster.  Getting a standard-sized transparent bag eliminates any need for bag templates to check the bag size. The stadium’s work is much easier and this allows the staff to be more effective and efficient in checking bags that are taken into the stadium.

How many bag scans you bring to the Nfl game?

If you are carrying a bag that does not meet their criteria you will not be allowed entry into the stadium.  If you need a bad that does not adhere to the policies your entry permit should be sorted out prior to the game.  If you have equipment and items that you need to bring into the stadium for medical reasons then you can contact the stadium beforehand.

What happens when you show up at the gate with a bag that is not permitted?

If you go with a bag not permitted by the stadium standards, you are simply not going to get in to watch any matches. You need to stick t the rules to ensure everything goes smoothly at the entrance and at the game.

Final word

The rules were imposed on the games for higher security needs. Everyone wants to be safe when they are in the crowd and thanks to that all you have to do is enjoy the games from your seat. The clear bags are quite expensive but you can always store and use them in the next game. To be safe, do not bring a bag to the NFL game.

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