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Can you take diaper bags on a plane?

Can you take diaper bags on a plane?

Flying with a newborn bay is uncommon but not unheard of. Going for shorter distances is easy but what happens when you need to travel by plane. Can you take diaper bags on a plane? Read this to find out.

Flying or traveling with a newborn is an overwhelming and intimidating process. Unless your plans are to wear the baby throughout the whole trip and have a stroller or car seat ready at the destination airport then you are in for a big challenge. You will need to carry a lot of extra bags to make up it. To make matters worse, different airlines have different policies when you are traveling with a baby.

Make sure you are fully prepared to travel with your baby. The first thing to do is talk to the airlines before you purchase the ticket so you can know what you are getting yourself into. Different airlines have different rules imposed when it comes to traveling with the baby.

What are the main requirements for air travel with the baby?

For most airlines, medically required liquids like food, breast milk, baby formulae, and baby medications are allowed. The restriction for all the liquids mentioned is that you cannot carry them in excess of an average of 3.5 ounces. Basically, you need to carry everything in reasonable quantities when traveling.

While it is not a requirement to put the medically required liquids in a zip lock or zip-top bag, you have to make it known to the transportation security officer what you have at the very beginning of the screening checkpoint process.

Any medical substance is required to be subjected to an additional screening process. The security is allowed t ask you to open the container but will not be necessary if the medicine is labeled.

To determine what you should pack, you need to understand the policies of the airline. Ask yourself, is a diaper allowed in the flight? And how big should it be?

Can you take a diaper bag on the plane?

In most major airlines, seat restraints and strollers and diaper bags are not included as standard baggage.  You can easily check out some of these items for free, depending on the airport policies.

Some airlines allow a diaper bag, a stroller and car seat for parents or individuals traveling with a lap infant. Basically, an infant who is travelling for free does not receive the checked baggage allowance. If you do not purchase a seat for your infant, they will not have any checked baggage or carry on allowance which means you will have to carry fewer baggages with you.

Everything must meet the size and weight requirements for you to board the plane, including the diaper bag.

What is the size of the diaper bag allowed on a plane?

There are endless rules on what you can and cannot take on a plane, and they change depending on the airline you are travelling with. What you are allowed to take on board is constantly subjected to change on different airlines.

Generally, when traveling with a baby, you are allowed to bring a car seat, an infant carrier, and a stroller. Everyone who pays for a seat on the plane is allowed a carry-on bag. You should also get usual extras like a laptop bag, a diaper bag, and a standard-sized bag.  This is plenty of baggage allowance to ensure that you and the baby are comfortable.

The main trick is to ensure you go with a diaper bag that is big enough to carry you and your baby’s essentials in one. It is basically the same as your usual carry-on bag while you are on the plane only you have to use master organization skills so the items are easy to reach when you need them.

What essentials should you pack?

The two main things to take with you while traveling with your baby are a collapsible stroller and a packed diaper bag. This kind of stroller can easily be stowed away which means you no longer have to create long lines at the door of the plane with your baby in your hands.

A backpack style diaper bag will be more convenient when you are traveling by plane. This means that you can compartmentalize or pack them in a filing system that is easy to reach. It also allows you to use little energy and save some for the trip. You get to enjoy hands-free mobility as you move yourself, the cargo and your child through the airport.

With the backpack, you carry less on your hands which you need for tickets and passports. Backpacks also have adjustable straps, they allow you to hand them on the back of the stroller when you are feeling too overwhelmed to carry them.

What to pack inside your diaper bag

Traveling with babies can be messy, which is why you need to plan ahead and pack for emergencies. Do plenty of research to see if the plane has changing tables and what you need to take with you when you go.

It is a great idea to change and clean up the baby before you get on the plane, this will give you a few hours of peace before you have to change the baby again.

This is a general list of what you need to carry in your diaper bag so you can keep it small and compact while catering to the baby’s needs at the same time

  • Diapers in a Ziploc bag
  • A changing mat
  • Muslin cloths
  • Formula dispenser
  • A flask of water
  • A baby pillow
  • Nursing scarf
  • Sterilized bottles
  • Clean vests and a babygro
  • Spare Ziploc bags
  • First aid kit

Final word

Anyone who has traveled with a baby will tell you that it requires a high level of discipline, patience and high grade packing logistics and skills. If you decide to travel with a baby, there are several precautions and measures you should take. You need to pack a diaper bag with the basic essentials and more if you want to survive the long flight with your toddler.

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