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Can you wash diaper bags?

Can you wash diaper bags?

Having a diaper bag makes everything easier and more convenient; traveling with a baby has never been easier. Just like all other baby items, you need to take care of your diaper bag. Can you wash diaper bags? Read this to find out

Diaper bags are the saving grace for any type of mom. While they were created to make everything much easier and convenient, they also need some taking care of. If you have traveled with your baby before, you know how dirty, messy and sticky things can turn out to be. Just like every other item you use for the baby, the diaper can get very dirty fast.  This is just something you will have to accept and deal with when you have a baby.

You will place the bag at the ground at some point. Spill some formula or milk on it; face the horror of dropping a diaper or leaky diapers on the diaper bag and more. You get used to dealing with the baby’s poo and pee on the regular.

A simple diaper bag care routine of cleaning and washing the diaper bag every week or every other week should do the trick.  It is an easy way to ensure your bag stays clean and in good condition for a very long time. Cleaning the bag is not that hard; it is not something that will take up all your time.

Can you wash diaper bags?

Diaper bags get dirty all the time and they need cleaning. Spot cleaning works very well when you have minimal damage to your diaper bags but you have to do a full-on clean to get all the dirt and germs out of the bag.

Washing your diaper bag gives it a better result than the spot cleaning. To wash the diaper bag, you need to understand its materials and what kind of wash will be best for it. Some bags are better off without any soap while others can get clean only when detergent is used. The material of the bag will determine if you can wash the diaper bag or not.

What products are safe for your diaper bag? The cleaning routine and products will depend on the materials used. The best thing to do is test out the detergent and stain remover you are about to use on a smaller area of the bag before you apply it to the entire surface.

For extra safety, you can contact customer care support or check out the website of the manufacturer. They will help you get the right cleaning products for the specific type of bag.

How to spot clean a diaper bag – cleaning a synthetic bag

These directions are perfect for diaper bags made of polyester, vinyl, and nylon. All you need to do is spot clean to get rid or any dirt or stains sufficiently. This is how you clean the diaper bag

Step 1; ensure the bag is empty before you start cleaning. Unzip all the pockets in the bag and turn in upside down or inside out if you can. This takes out all the particles, crumbs and snack leftovers that might be in the bag

Step 2: Ass some warm or cold water in a bowl and a few drops of mild soap. Ensure it is well stirred and foamy.

Step 3: you need a cleaning cloth or small towel for this step. Dip a part of it into the bowl and squeeze any excess water out. The cloth does not need to be super wet to get the dirt out of your diaper bag.

Step 4: clean out the interior and exterior of the bag concentrating on areas that have visible dirt and stain. For any persistent stains on your diaper bag, you only need to apply more pressure and run in a circular motion. Tougher stains require a mix of baking soda or toothpaste and a soft-bristle brush like a toothbrush to clean.

How to clean leather diaper bag

Leather diaper bags may seem harder to clean but you’d be surprised. You can use a spot cleaning method like the one above if you are looking for a quick fix. The exterior and interior of a leather bag can be cleaned the same way.

Empty the bag – hold it upside down over a trash can and shake it to remove all the debris and crumbs stuck inside.

Vacuum the inside of the diaper bag to remove anything you might have missed out

Dampen a piece of cloth lightly with water and rub the exterior of the bag.

The next step is to spray a clean dry cloth with a leather cleaner that’s ph friendly. Wipe the exterior of the bag, going in a circular motion. Doing this will pull the dirt and bacteria off the leather without damaging the diaper bag.

Let it dry for about one hour

Take a clean cloth and add a leather conditioner on it. Rub it in the exterior and interior of your bag using the circular motion method. Let it sit for more than 15 minutes. After that, buff it using a clean cloth

Mold and diaper bags

Mold is dangerous and not something you would want in your diaper bag. You will find mold in the bag when you hear a foul dump smell. It is important that you remove the mold from the bag. Mold is toxic and can cause major health and skin issues. Therefore, it is important to keep it away from the baby and it supplies. Take the moldy bag to a professional cleaner because they have a better chance of cleaning it out completely.

Final word

The cleaning and disinfecting methods you use on the bag highly depends on its materials.  Most diaper bags are made with synthetic materials and this makes the hand and machine wash friendly. Leather bags need special products like ph friendly cleaning products if you want to keep its integrity. Caring for it regularly will keep it looking good as new.


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