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Diaper bag essentials for newborns

Diaper bag essentials for newborns

There’s nothing better than a fully packed diaper bag when you are having a day out with your newly born baby. Here are the main diaper bag essentials for newborns

The diaper bag is more than just a bug to new moms. It represents freedom, safety, peace and comfort in one bag.  You need to keep the diaper stocked to its capacity and ready to go at all times. This will minimize the need for worry when you need time out with the baby.

What you need in your diaper bag will depend on how old your baby is, where you are going, how long you will be out and how prepared you would like to be.

Figuring out what to pack in your diaper bag can be very difficult for new moms. Deciding between what to keep in the bag and what to leave behind can leave you exhausted. One thing that could make everything easier is to walk through a list of everything you want and everything you will need while you are out. Below is a list of everything you will need in your diaper bag when you have a newborn baby.

What are the main diaper bag essentials?

The diapers

You should pack one diaper for every hour you will be out with the baby. You can also toss a few more into the bag just to be safe. Newborn babies usually use up their diapers fast.

Baby wipes

You need baby wipes for everything, which is why they are one of the top diaper bag essentials. Wipes are used to wipe the baby’s bum, wipe your hands while handling the baby, wipe down when you use any public doors and change the baby pad. You could keep some baby wipes in a plastic sandwich bag to keep them moist or look for good baby travel pack wipes to make them fit into the diaper bags.

Baby oil/ointment and baby powder

You need baby oil for the baby when you are changing their diapers. You can never be too careful when it comes to dry skin or diaper rash. Wiping the baby’s bum multiple times in a day can lead to irritation on the skin and these two can do the trick.

A changing pad

It is no question that you might have to change the bay at one point or the other. Changing the baby in public restrooms is unsanitary. Sometimes you need to change the baby on your car when you do not have access to a folding table. Having a changing pad of your own


They are great when you are going out for a longish period and you want to keep the baby cal. whenever the baby starts crying you hand them the pacifier and be on your way. It comes in handy when you are looking for a safe space to feed the baby.

Washcloths and burp clothes

Travelling with a baby is truly tiresome and you will need to clean up a lot. Messes happen every time when you are feeding the baby. Wash clothes help you keep the diaper bag and carriage clean while burp clothes keep the baby clean during feeding time. Diaper rash clean can also work well in this case.

Hand sanitizer

You can never be too sure with hand wipes when it comes to killing all the germs on your hands. Your hands need to be clean Every time you are handling the baby hence the hand sanitizer.

Food for your baby – nursing cover or bottle and formula

Most kids eat every two to three hours when they are young.  If you go longer, you could upset the baby. This is why you need to carry multiple bottles of formula or milk for the baby. Carrying them in smaller portions makes it more convenient for you.


Hats for both cold and hot weather can come in handy depending on your child’s age. Carry extras just in case the weather changes while you are out.

A light blanket

It is always a great idea to get an extra blanket for your baby. There are several things that could happen during your time out. The weather might change, the blanket could get soiled or dirty. Carry an extra blanket just in case of anything.

Light snacks

You may want something to snack on while you are on the trip, after all; taking care of the baby will take up all your strength. Snacking on healthy foods will give you more strength to handle the trip and the baby.

What are some extra things you need to add to your diaper bag?

Extra outfits

You will need extra outfits in case of any accidents, which is guaranteed to happen almost every day.  You might mess it up with some food while feeding the baby and they might do it to themselves.

Plastic biodegradable bags

You can use them to store soiled clothes, diapers and baby blankets. This keeps the dirt out of the rest of the item in the diaper bag and the baby. If you cannot find biodegradable bags you can use the normal plastic bags for storage

A nursing cover

When you need to breastfeed in public and you do not feel too comfortable, this is the tool to get. It covers your chest and gives you a lot more privacy when you are feeding the kid in a crowded area.

Final word

For new moms, diaper bags are the best thing that could happen and you would want to keep one around you at all times.  They especially come in handy when you are travelling with your baby. You will need to carry out baby supplies just to make everything easier, and more convenient.

The diaper bag can be considered a security blanket for moms with newborns.  With a modern diaper bag, you can handle anything that your newborn baby throws at you. As long as you have all the right essentials in your diaper bag, things will turn out ok for you.

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