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HapTim backpack diaper bag reviews

HapTim backpack diaper bag reviews

Diaper bags are some of the most valuable items any parent would own because taking care of a baby is hard enough – you do not want to increase the struggle through not using a diaper bag when you go out for strolls with your baby.

However, the traditional diaper bag was such a hassle to use, especially on the shoulders and back areas. This struggle, in turn, has made baby diaper bags come a long way from where they began – through the creation of a backpack diaper, such as the HapTim backpack diaper bag. There are also many aesthetic factors that manufacturers are putting into consideration when creating these products.

You need to be careful when buying one though, as there are many brands that will promise you great results when using their bags but they end up doing nothing for you. In this review, we examine the HapTim backpack and see whether it is the right fit, as well as whether it is actually worth your money.

What to expect

There are many diaper bags out there that are great for traveling mothers – but the HapTim diaper backpack takes the cake. This is the perfect solution if you happen to be going out on a stroll with baby, or going on long road trips; it does not matter the circumstance.

After all, you have enough things to worry about when you are on the move, and keeping your baby under your care at all times is one of them. The last thing you need to worry about is your diaper bag failing you on the way, or letting you down for some reason. Its versatility also allows it to be used by dad as well, without making him feel out of place.

Key features to look at

Material quality is high

Since the bag is primarily comprised of Oxford fabric of high quality, it is resistant to wear and tear of heavy use. The back coating is also quite durable and strong, having been comprised of PU, whose attributes include a waterproof nature, comfortable, high resistance to wear, very high in strength and resistance to deformation.

In addition, the other attributes that contribute to the strong build include the durable zippers, resistance to fraying, and the double stitching that ensures it does not fall apart or tear. This will also ensure the safety and health of your baby.

High comfort and style

You no longer need to worry about the bag looking out of place, regardless of what you wear – it remains comfortable and stylish in all instances. The colors are shiny, and the bag is large enough to hold all your important items comfortably while allowing your hands to stay free.

The shoulder straps are also quite strong, while the grab handles and stroller straps also contribute to making your day comfortable – making this the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.


A concern with many diaper bags is that they seem too feminine, probably because of the colors in use or the overall design and aesthetics. However, with this bag, you do not need to worry anymore about that – the design is unisex, which allows dad to take over at certain points and manage your child even when you are not there.

Again, the bag takes on the design of a backpack, so dads can use it without looking out of place, unlike many diaper bags can be.

Large capacity

This is among the largest diaper backpacks we have come across, as it has up to 15 pockets, all secure and insulated for additional protection. It includes a highly secure one zip closure on the main compartment, along with nine organizational pockets, which all keep your items safe.

One of these pockets is one that handles wet clothes, and others can store all your other items. Others are the front compartment that has three pouches (all elastic) that will store all the baby bottles and keep the temperatures of the liquids maintained for many hours. In addition, there are two exterior side pockets, which will store empty bottles, baby wipes, and even an umbrella in case of those rainy days.

Security and convenience

If you need a bag that stands steady when you leave it in place, this is the perfect choice for you. Its posture allows you to fetch everything you need as quickly as possible. The luggage strap at the back area allows you to fix the bag itself on you other luggage when you are on the move. There is also an anti-thief pocket on the back, just to add that extra layer of security, which makes it quite convenient.

Despite its large size, it can still qualify to be a small carry-on, especially when you head to the airport for a flight. Other than all these features, it also has a changing mat that allows you to make diaper changes on the move.

Anti-theft features

You will be pleased to know that the zippers on this bag are of high quality, and they will maintain the security of all items present thanks to them being dual metal zippers. They are also large, and their quality is high to last for many years and withstand heavy use. The overall design also allows it to make a great travel backpack.


  • It is very stylish
  • Very durable fabric, ensuring it remains strong even after heavy use
  • Very large capacity
  • Comfortable due to the extra straps
  • Convenient to carry


  • You can only get one design/color option
  • The compartment holding the insulated bottles tends to be difficult to access


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Final thoughts

The HapTim diaper backpack is for any parent who is constantly on the move with their baby – which is quite a feat, considering that moving around with the baby is not as easy as you might think. Its large capacity (one of the largest we have seen, in fact) along with the great convenience it offers makes it quite the versatile option for many mothers out there.

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