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How big should your diaper bag be

How big should your diaper bag be?

The diaper bag is a necessity when you want to travel with your baby. How big should your diaper bag be? Read this for more.

Deciding what diaper bag to buy can take you weeks, it’s not easy.  You have to factor in several things before you make the choice. One of the first things to do is determine what you want to put in the bag and how long you plan on using it. You want a diaper bag that can handle traveling with you and your baby. The size of the diaper bag accounts for a lot and will determine the amount of supplies you take with you.

How big should your diaper bag be? Consider the size and the weight

The size and weight are the most important aspects of the diaper bag.  You need to purchase a diaper bag that can carry everything you need comfortable. However, it should not be so big that it feels like wasted space, especially when the baby is growing.

It needs to be just the perfect space for you and all your baby essentials packed it in. A comfortable diaper bag should not be bulky otherwise it will tire you down fast.

The changing pad affects the size and weight of the diaper bag tremendously. Other factors like packing and material can affect the size and bulk of the bag.  Make sure you know how big the bag is without any packing. A bag that is too big will get in your way all day and may have extra unnecessary space.

Some companies make extra-large bags for people travelling for a longer time with the baby. Extra-large bags are great for trips and flights. You get all the organization and space you need for travel. Naturally, you should expect the long-range travel diaper bags to be bulkier.

Consider the type of fabric on the diaper bag when looking for one. When you add bay gear to heavy fabric, you get an extra heavy bag that is hard to move around.

Like I said, people are different. You may not be willing to carry the diaper bag around for long periods of time and some people opt to put it on the baby stroller. The size of the diaper should service you accordingly and not take away your comfort when traveling.

How big should the diaper bag be considering its functionality?

There is nothing worse than ending up with a non-functional diaper bag when you have a baby to take care of. That is why you need to get a diaper that will help you through everything. From the temper tantrums, the day trips, nights out and any other trip you take with the baby.

Here is what you should be looking for

A space for mommy

The diaper bag is not just for your baby, you need it for you. You better believe that you will not carry any purse for some time. With only space for the diaper bag and baby, you want to make the most of everything.

You will need space in this bag for diapers, wipes and clothes as well as your keys, sunglasses, wallet and other necessities you may need. You can also consider going for bags with a dedicated mommy pocket to make the bag more organized for you.

Space for your baby

The main reason for the diaper bag is to have ample and organized safe for your baby. You need enough space to fit the following in your diaper bag

  • 4 diapers (or more)
  • An extra outfit
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash cream
  • 2 bottles(or more)
  • A bib
  • Formula container/a nursing cover
  • Pacifiers
  • A swaddle blanket
  • A toy
  • A hat (for cold or the sun)
  • Burp cloths

This may seem like a lot of stuff to carry with you but trust me! You will need them at some point. Having enough space for everything is as important as having organized space in your bag. You need a bag big enough to have multiple pockets inside.

A growing room

Some people plan to have more than one child. If you are one of them you should probably get a bag that can handle a newborn as well as a toddler because you will be using it for a while. This means that the bag needs to be big to fit more diapers, meals, water bottles, toys, and clothes.

Can the style of your bag determine its size?

Traditional vs backpack vs purse hybrid

People have different tastes, even when it comes to diaper bags. The style of the diaper bag also determines its size.  Traditional diaper bags are not so popular but some people carry them around. Traditional ones have fewer pockets which means you have to dump all the essentials in the larger space.

The purse hybrid is a diaper bag that looks like a purse. There are limits to its size because you have to carry it with one hand at a time. Backpacks are the most common diaper bags today. You can wear them on one shoulder, on your back, hand it on the stroller and many other options. It comes in the largest sizes because of the convenience that come with carrying it.

Here is what you do to test the size of the bag

You can go ahead and put some stuffing into the bag if the store owner allows you to

Find items that are the size of the list of things you will be putting into the bag and see if everything fits well

Organize the bag to see if everything will be convenient to put away or easily accessible. Handling the bag and your toddler will be very difficult; you will need a hand for each. This is why you have to make sure that the bag is accessible by one hand. An organized bag will make everything better.

Take your spouse when so you can both pick a bag you are comfortable traveling in

Figure out what functions you consider important before you purchase the bag

Get two bags, a traditional and more functional diaper backpack to be used on different occasions


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