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How to carry wipes in a diaper bag

How to carry wipes in a diaper bag

Baby wipes are an essential part of being a new mom. You need to use wipes daily for different needs when you have a newborn baby. Learn how to carry wipes in a diaper bag and many more with this article

Parenting is a messy job for everyone. No matter what you hear, nobody is really ever ready or fully prepared for the job that is parenting. The first few years for a new parent are the most difficult but we all learn to cope. The good thing about parenting is that we learn along the way.

Not every child is the same, which means you may not experience what your friends and other new moms are with their kids. One thing is guaranteed though; you will go through plenty of messy situations and challenges, especially when dealing with a new baby or one who is still in diapers. You will need a diaper bag with all the necessary essentials to deal with all the mess caused by your toddler, and one of the most important essential is the wipe.

Wipes will help you pretty much through most of the messy situations you face while with your kid.

Should you use wipes for newborn babies?

There are many baby wipe brands made with ingredients that can cause or trigger allergic reactions if your baby has sensitive skin. Still, you can find baby wipe brands that are great for people with sensitive skin.  While it is safe to use wipes on your newborn baby, many doctors advise that you wait at least a month.

You can clean your baby with a soft paper towel or warm water and clean cloth before you transition to diapers. To make it more effective, you can dab the clean cloth in a gentle baby wash. Make sure you par the baby dry with a clean dry towel to prevent any form of diaper rash.

Once the baby is a month older, you can use the wipes for convenience. Wipes are great when you are on the go with your newborn baby. Remember to go with an alcohol-free unscented brand to minimize any irritation on the baby’s bum. Test out a couple of brands to see which one is best for your baby.

How to carry wipes in a diaper bag

The last thing you want is for your wipes to leak all over your diaper bag. There is nothing as bad as having to clean out the spill from dirty wipes inside your diaper bags.  How you store the wipes plays a lot in their accessibility and use.

Use a diaper bag caddy – this viral facebook idea has come in handy for new moms today. The diaper bag caddy is basically strapping or gluing a regular-sized packet of wipes on the lid of an empty wipe tub using elastic bands. What this does is leave space in the tub to keep diaper changing essentials.  When your baby needs the change fast, you can just grab it and go.

Use a filing system – storing the wipes in small labeled containers should make it easy for you. You could use one container for dirty wipes and another for clean unused wipes. A zip-lock plastic bag could also do the trick when it comes to storing used and unused wipes.

Make sure the cover is closed off completely not to let in any kind of airflow. There is nothing more useless than having a bunch of dry wipes in your diaper bag. #packing the wipes in a plastic container or box does not necessarily mean you need to take them out of their packets. The wiper containers have a sticker that covers the hole through which you take out the wipes and this keeps them wet.

Why do you need the wipes for your baby?

The skin around our baby’s diaper area is constantly exposed to poop, urine and other kinds of wetness. The skin around that area also happens to have multiple creases and folds. This can make cleaning very difficult.  This can explain why most newborn babies experience a diaper rash.

To effectively prevent and treat diaper rash, you need to change the baby frequently, cleanse to remove any fecal enzymes and urine from the skin. Whenever you change the baby, it is important that you thoroughly clean the skin. Here is where the wipes come in handy. Wipes make the job quick, easy and effective.

Using super-absorbent diapers together with baby creams can reduce the likelihood of diaper rash as well as clean the baby up well. Gentle, effective cleaning is important and that is why you need the baby wipes.

Healthy baby skin should have a natural ph balance. The mess from dirty diapers and cause an increase in ph which in turn makes the skin more susceptible to rash and other irritants. You can purchase baby wipes that clean and restore a healthy ph balance and the natural skin.

Here are more reasons to carry around wipes in your diaper bag

Wipes are great for cleaning the baby’s face and body

Baby wipes are safe to use on the baby’s face, arms, legs, feet. They are a handful when you are feeding the baby and the food spills everywhere. Wipes are much better at wiping sticky baby food than cloth and paper towels. You can use the wipe to clean the dirt off your bag as well.

Use the wipe as an air freshener

All you need to do is place any essential oil on the wipes before you wipe down the dirt on your bag or stroller. This makes for a very great air freshener.

Remove stains from your clothes

You can use the wipes to clean out food that may have landed on your clothes while you were feeding the baby. Spilling the food on your clothes is completely normal, luckily the wipes can soak out any food from your clothes, leaving them clean.

Clean the toys

Toys will get dirty when you are traveling with your kid. You know kids; they are adventurous and will touch everything that comes their way. Antiseptic wipes will take the germs off the toys. This keeps your kids safe from germs or dirt transferred to the toys.

Final word

Disposable wipes can save multiple problems and be the cause of others at the same time. They are great for cleaning your baby’s bum and you can also use them to clean other messes. The way you store the wipes can determine loads of things. You could save time and money if you figure out how to organize the wipes correctly.

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