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The Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Dad

How To Choose The Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Dad

To be honest, most men aren’t comfortable carrying around a colorful or patterned bag of any kind let alone a diaper bag. That’s why dads need the best backpack diaper bag for dad that is practical, good-looking, and durable.

Not very long ago, diaper bags were exclusively designed for mums. They were made with colorful patterns, floral prints, festive colors or paisley prints with no thought in mind how a dad would carry such a bag through the park or on a hike. However, today things are different, you can now find the best backpack diaper bag for dad on the market and they come in all shapes, sizes, and a variety of masculine colors available.

The good old fashioned backpack has now been designed from the inside out to be able to hold diapers, bottles, changing pad, and other baby items and still be inconspicuous and easy to carry on your back leaving your hands free to carry the baby. Every dad is willing and capable of helping you carry the heavy diaper bag and are very eager to prove how strong and reliable they are. All you need to do is involve them in choosing the best backpack diaper bag for dad that will suit them.

Features to look for when buying the best backpack diaper bag for dad

When you go out to shop for a diaper bag for dad, here are some features that will make it easier for you to choose the right one.


As a dad, carrying the diapers, wipes, bottles, and other baby stuff doesn’t only fall on the mum, you should also help to carry the heavy diaper bag. The size of the diaper bag matters also because if it’s too small or too big it will end up inconveniencing you in one way or the other. You should also consider a diaper bag that is comfortable for you and one that will not tip off the stroller when you strap it on.


It’s a guarantee that sooner or later things will become messy, so it’s helpful if you get a diaper bag that id made of waterproof and stain resistant fabric for easy and quick cleaning. Materials like nylon, microfiber, and vinyl are water resistant and they will not only keep your baby items safe from the rain or liquid spills, they’re durable materials that will not sag after some time.


Bold colors and floral prints don’t go well with men, but if you’re a man and don’t have issues with these colors, good for you. However, this will largely depend on your taste and your style of fashion if you plan on carrying it regularly.


For everything to be well organized, your diaper bag needs to have plenty of pockets and different compartments with zippers and waterproof layers, and insulated pockets for storing your baby bottles. Since a man can’t survive without pockets, the various pockets in the diaper bag will make it easier to locate any item you need quickly and with ease.


When you stuff the diaper bag with so many things, it will obviously become heavy and the straps are meant to make it easier to carry. The best backpack diaper bag for dad should have adjustable straps with extra padding so that they don’t dig into your shoulders and inflict pain.

Closure and zippers

Some diaper bags have zippers that take time to open and you don’t need a bag that you will struggle with the zipper every time you need to get something from the bag. The diaper bag you choose should have a strong zipper that can quickly and easily open when you want to access the contents in the bag. You could also get a bag with a good closure that will ensure the contents in the bag don’t accidentally spill out when it falls and one that won’t limit your access to the bag.


Style is also an important factor to consider since you’re going to be carrying this bag regularly. The most popular styles for dads is the backpack, the weekend bag, or the messenger style which looks more like a casual briefcase. It’s important that you choose a diaper bag that is stylish for you, but still functional and contains everything you need for a good day out with your baby.

Review: Comparison table for the best backpack diaper bag for dad

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Waterproof and durable polyester fabric, 2 large insulated pockets, heavy-duty webbing, large changing pad, removable waist strap, adjustable sternum strap, reinforced shoulder straps.
Water resistant twill polyester, pad14 multi-sized pockets, non-frail stitching, sundry bag, durable changing.
Large interior pocket and individual pockets, zipped exterior pockets, insulated bottle pocket, tote carrying handle, removable changing pad, wipes dispenser.
15 pockets, heavy-duty iron zippers, wipes pocket, padded back straps, 3 insulated pockets, lifetime warranty, changing pad, unisex design.
13 compartments, padded and adjustable straps, changing pad, built-in stroller straps, diaper hammock, lifetime warranty, wipes pocket, clamshell opening, and light-colored interior.
HSD diaper bag backpack

This is a multi-functional diaper bag backpack that has a well-balanced combination of durability, high-quality built, design, ergonomics, and a manly military style. The company that produces this backpack is veteran owned and operated. This tactical and practical diaper bag contains all the necessary amenities that will make your life easier when caring for your baby which include quick access to baby wipes, large changing pad, insulated bottle pockets, and adjustable stroller straps. This diaper bag is made with a unique waterproof and durable polyester fabric with heavy duty webbing on the front and side pockets.

You can easily open and close the strong but durable zippers and the reinforced shoulder straps have an air mesh foam for added comfort. It has an additional removable waist strap and an adjustable sternum strap. This bag is big enough to carry baby items for even twins. It has a main compartment large enough to fit the baby’s clothes, toys, blankets, and other items, two large insulated pockets for bottles on both sides of the bag, concealed baby wipe pocket, sunglasses or cell phone pocket, two mesh sleeve pockets on the outside for small bottles, and an interior padded pocket for your laptop. All the great features in this diaper backpack put it in a class of its own.

The durable zippers and seams hold up well for daily use, the shoulder and back padding provide extreme comfort, and the traction feet at the bottom to prevent abrasion and to help the bag stand upright. With the military design on this bag, you can’t even tell it’s a diaper bag which means you can use it for other purposes.


  • Holds a ton of things and never looks overstuffed
  • The main compartment opens completely for easy access
  • Lots of space and pockets
  • Extremely durable and functional
  • Doesn’t look like a diaper bag


  • Has a PVC lining
  • The baby wipes pocket is concealed


This tactical backpack diaper bag is roomy and made with high-quality material that is durable and able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It has lots of pockets to fit all the baby items you need to carry and even space for your laptop, sunglasses, and cellphone.

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Bag nation diaper bag backpack

A diaper bag with a simple and streamlined design made with polyester that is easy to clean. It’s well constructed, strong, and durable because it’s made with non-fraying stitches. It also has heavy duty zippers so you can use this bag for many years before the zippers break. Instead of carrying a regular diaper bag when going on a trip, why not carry this one which has ample rooms for all the baby essentials you need to carry and even space for extra items you need to carry for yourself.

It has 12 multi-sized pockets to hold many bottles, baby wipes, toys, clothes, creams, and other baby supplies. The bag also comes with a sundry bag to put all dirty clothes, a large, durable changing pad, and stroller straps. With so much room in the bag, you’re able to organize all your baby needs in just one bag which leaves your hands free. It’s a great backpack to carry when traveling.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to access anything you need in the bag
  • Comes with a changing pad and sundry bag
  • It’s easy to strap on your stroller


  • It’s heavy when full
  • Only has one insulated pocket


A diaper bag backpack with a simple design that dads will love. It comes with enough pockets to put all the baby items you will need and its durable material ensures that it doesn’t fall off your shoulders as you carry it. The sundry bag is a welcome bonus that comes in handy when traveling.

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Graco Gotham baby diaper bag backpack

A stylish and functional diaper backpack that contains multiple compartments with a roomy interior. It resembles a book bag so dads don’t feel embarrassed carrying around baby stuff. It’s designed to be practical and functional while still providing a spacious interior and a lightweight design. This diaper bag has 3 main compartments, small inner pockets, and zipped pockets. The insulated bottle pocket can hold at least two bottles of milk and the zipped pockets that can hold your valuables, keys, and money.

You can organize all the baby items in the large interior pockets while the wipes pocket is on the outside for quick and easy access. The removable changing pad makes it easy to change your baby’s diaper keeping your baby dry no matter where you are. It also has adjustable padded shoulder straps for added comfort and to ensure they don’t eat into your skin due to the weight on your back. You can also decide not to use the straps but use the tote carrying handle instead.


  • The 3 main compartments are very roomy
  • The padding and vents in the straps and back keep you cool on hot days
  • Lots of pockets to store stuff
  • Easy to wipe clean the interior and exterior


  • Doesn’t come with stroller straps
  • Poor quality of the changing pad material


A functional and simple diaper bag for dads to carry around with adequate padding on the shoulder straps and back. It has lots of room to accommodate everything you need for your baby and you.

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KiddyCare diaper bag backpack

A stylish diaper bag with a modern design that is both elegant and practical. You have the option of choosing between using the totes and slings or the shoulder straps so that dads don’t feel awkward in public places. So you can use it as a regular handbag or a backpack even after your baby has outgrown wearing diapers. This lightweight diaper bag has a clamshell opening that provides access to the deep main compartment where you can pack all the baby essentials, and other 15 pockets to help you stay organized.

It also comes with a large insulated pocket that can hold up to 3 large bottles, a side pocket for easily accessible wipes, and enough space to store a changing pad and even your personal items like your phone, keys, money, or credit cards. It’s made with high-quality cloth that you can easily wipe clean and seams that can withstand the wear and tear. It has a very sturdy frame that is built to last long.


  • Compact bag but very roomy
  • Very easy to carry on your back
  • The insulated pockets work very well
  • Made with durable material that you can easily wipe with soap and water
  • The shoulder straps are very comfortable


  • Might be too feminine for some dads


A stylish, durable, comfortable, and versatile diaper bag that is perfect for both mums and dads. Made of very easy to clean material and has plenty of space for your baby clothes and other items as well as your personal things that you can safely store in a secure place.

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DadGear diaper bag backpack

This is a very popular and highly rated diaper bag for many reasons. It’s a very simple yet stylish but practical diaper bag with extra-large compartments and 13 other easily accessible pockets. You can store the diapers, bottles, wipes, toys, clothes, changing pad, mum and dad’s cell phone and keys, and much more. As an active dad and parent who wants to be involved in your child’s life, this go-to diaper bag will help you stay organized with dozens of compartments, plus your hands can remain free to hold your little one.

This dialer bag has a clamshell design so you can see everything that is inside, an easy access wipes pocket, padded and adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps, built-in stroller straps, and a changing pad. It has a light-colored interior to help you see better what is inside. The most unique thing about this diaper bag is the diaper hammock at the top which allows for a seamless diaper change. This backpack is ergonomically designed for comfort and ideal for traveling or just a fun day out with your baby. A very well rounded and durable diaper backpack that has dad-friendly features and style that can help dads stay organized and have a great time with your baby. It would also make a great gift for a new dad or an expecting dad.


  • The main compartment unzips completely flat for easy access to everything
  • Easy access to wipes
  • It’s comfortable and flexible
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Very roomy and well organized


  • Maybe too large and heavy for some users


A great diaper backpack that comes with dad-friendly features that encourages dads to be more involved with their babies and have fun while doing it. It has a unique clamshell opening feature that makes it easier for you to see everything in the bag and makes it easier to access. The diaper hammock is also another feature that ensures the diapers are easily stored and accessed for a quick diaper change.

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Final thoughts

Diaper bags make a big difference and make it easier and more fun when you need to spend some quality time with your kids outside the house. As a dad, you don’t want to be stuck holding a colorful bag bigger than your gym bag full of baby stuff. That’s why you need the best backpack diaper bag for dad that is comfortable and dad-friendly. The HSD diaper bag backpack is an incredible diaper backpack with great features that will help you stay organized with everything you and your baby need easily accessible. It’s designed to allow you freedom of movement and is a very versatile bag you can use it on a daily basis, traveling or hiking.

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