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The Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Travel

How To Choose The Best Backpack Diaper Bag For Travel

It can be a daunting task leaving the house with your baby, let alone traveling without the necessary gear to ensure that you have carried everything you need for your baby. The best backpack diaper bag for travel will help you get organized and ensure you don’t forget anything your baby might need on the road.

One thing you need to understand is not all diaper bags are fit to be used when traveling. Some are too bulky to travel with while others are useless when it comes to retrieving anything from their large mouths. When you’re flying or traveling with your baby, it’s important to be aware of the different airline policies concerning the type of diaper bag you should carry. It’s difficult to travel with your baby, and it can be a nightmare if you’re carrying the wrong bag. The best backpack diaper bag for travel should have enough space to be able to fit diapers, bottles, extra clothes, pacifiers, toys, wipes, hand sanitizers, disposable bags for soiled clothes, and other baby essentials.

How to choose the best backpack diaper bag for travel

Here are some important points to consider when you’re searching for the best travel backpack.

Ease of carrying it around

When traveling your diaper bag should be easy to carry around because you need to keep your hands free to either carry your other bags and suitcases or other things that you need to handle. That’s why it’s convenient to carry a backpack than a shoulder-styled bag because the backpack will sit securely on your shoulders and the weight will be evenly distributed on your back. So it doesn’t matter if you bend over, swing on either side or sit down, the diaper backpack will be secured on your back.

Weight and size

You must get a baby travel bag that is lightweight so that when it’s full of everything that you need, it will still be easy to carry around. If you’re taking a long trip your diaper bag should at least contain diapers, wipes, diaper disposable bags, hand sanitizer, bottles, and formula, changing clothes, changing mat, muslin cloth, rash cream, toys, snacks, etc. And if you’re going to use the diaper bag as your purse, make sure that you leave enough space for your essentials from your travel documents, sunglasses, to electronics.

Different airlines have different rules when it comes to the luggage you can carry, but generally, you’re allowed a changing bag together with your purse. Make sure that the bag can fit under the seat in front of you for easy access when you need it especially when you’re holding your baby.

Comfortable to carry

Another important point to consider is how comfortable your travel diaper bag is. The worst thing would be to carry a diaper bag that leaves you with sore shoulders and back. The fact is you will be carrying around quite a bit of weight, so it’s important to ensure that your diaper bag has padded straps and also a cushioned back. It would even be better if the back was made of breathable material so that you don’t get all sweaty.

Multiple compartments and organization

For you to say that your diaper backpack is convenient, it has to have lots of different pockets of different sizes, so that you can have ample space to organize all your baby supplies. This will make it easier for you to quickly access whatever you need in very little time form the bag.

Easy to open and close

Your diaper traveling bag should be very easy to access it using just one hand. This is a very important point especially if you need to change your baby on a plane. Plane toilets have very little space and the last thing you need is trying to open a bag zipper that is uncooperative as you hold your baby.

Insulated pockets

A travel diaper bag with insulated pockets to hold your baby’s milk and food is an important necessity if you’re going to travel with your baby. The pockets keep the milk and food warm so you don’t have to give cold food to your baby.

Light-colored inside

This may not seem like an important point, but a diaper bag that is light-colored inside makes it easier to locate stuff inside than one that is dark. This is a very small detail that can make a big difference.

Extra features

It would be nice to have a diaper bag that has some other extra features like a diaper changing pad, wipes container, stroller straps, or wet and dry bags. These extras simplify your work and reduce your stress of having to carry all these items separately.

Review: Comparison table for the best backpack diaper bag for travel

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14 pockets, high-quality water-resistant fabric, large size changing pad, stroller straps, sundry pouch.
15 pockets, wash-free lining, and water-resistant fabric, wet pocket, tablet pocket, padded shoulder straps, side pocket for wipes
Teflon-treated stain-resistant exterior padded back with breathable mesh and shoulder straps
17 wide-sized pockets, anti-theft pocket, thick padded back, and wide cushioned shoulder straps, stroller straps, changing pad.
2 large packing cubes, machine-washable changing pad with a pocket that can also hold tablets, multipurpose mesh cube, stroller straps, cushioned shoulder straps, easy-grab top handle.

Bag nation diaper bag backpack

This is a lovely unisex diaper bag backpack that is made with high-quality water-resistant fabric and strong zippers. It comes with a lifetime warranty which means the manufacturers are very sure of their bag. This diaper bag is one of the best backpack diaper bags for travel you can get that will not disappoint you. Its high-quality twill polyester fabric combined with stitches that don’t frail and zippers that don’t break makes this the best travel diaper bag so you don’t have to worry about losing baby items on the way. It also means you’ll have a diaper bag you can rely on for many years to come. The 14 pockets that range in sizes to help you get organized when packing all the baby items you need for your trip.

There is even a specific pocket for baby wipes and an insulated pocket that can hold several bottles. It also comes with a large size changing pad, adjustable straps, and stroller straps that are very convenient when you want to take a break from carrying the bag. The sundry bag is a bonus and a very important diaper bag essential when you’re traveling so you don’t have to mix the dirty clothes with clean ones and the food. Being a unisex bag puts dads at ease when carrying it. If you love to stay organized, this is the ideal diaper bag for you.


  • Very well made with high-quality materials
  • Convenient outer wipes pocket
  • Gives you peace of mind with the lifetime warranty
  • The adjustable straps make it easier to carry
  • The many pockets keep everything organized


  • The many pockets mean they’re small
  • Doesn’t cater to the parent’s needs


A lovely diaper bag that has lots of pockets to put all you need for your baby for a long trip. The sundry bag is a great addition and the outside pocket for wipes provides quick and easy access. It’s made as a unisex diaper bag that dads can also feel comfortable carrying.

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Mommore wash-free backpack diaper bag

Do you have lots of baby items and are worried about the baby milk or juice spilling on the bag and making it difficult to clean it off? This diaper wash-free backpack bag is a great solution for your problems. This stylish diaper bag has a wide-open design with a main large compartment with 15 pockets that makes it easy for you to organize all the baby essentials while still providing quick and easy access to the items when you need them. You also get 2 insulated pockets for putting your baby’s milk bottles. The base of the diaper bag has specially designed rivets that keep the bag on an upright position and prevents it from getting dirty when you place it on the ground.

It also helps the bag to maintain its shape even when it’s empty. The water-resistant Oxford fabric lining is wash-free so you can easily wipe off anything that spills on it. It has a mesh wet pocket you can put the dirty clothes, a back pocket where you can put your electronics and other valuables, side pockets for the wipes and bottle, and 2 stroller hooks for added comfort. The padded shoulder straps ensure that they don’t eat into your shoulders when carrying the bag. The wide-open design comes in handy when you go through security checks in airports. It has a light-colored interior that will help you to see everything inside the bag and you also get a changing pad.


  • It’s lightweight and very comfortable to carry
  • The inner lining is easy to wipe and clean
  • The in-built wet pocket is very helpful
  • You can use the sunglass pocket to put your phone


  • Has no moisture-wicking back
  • The wipe pocket is a bit small for some users


A stylish diaper bag made with a wash-free material which means you don’t have to clean the bag regularly, just wipe it clean. The wide open design is an added advantage when because it makes it easier to quickly see what you want and you can go through security checks in airports much quicker.

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JuJuBe Be Right back diaper bag backpack

This stylish and lightweight diaper bag with many compartments to accommodate everything your baby needs for a trip. The exterior is made with polyester that is treated with Teflon to make it stain resistant to help you quickly wipe clean most messes, a quick grab handle at the top, a light-colored lining to easily see what is inside, and a padded back with a breathable mesh to prevent your back from sweating and to keep you cool and comfortable.

The thick padded changing pad stored at the back pocket provides comfort and support for your back.  It’s not only stylish, but it’s also ergonomic, durable with a padded shoulder to reduce the pressure exerted by the weight. It has insulated bottle pockets on either side of the bag and a baby wipes pocket for easy access. In terms of functionality, this diaper bag has 4 main pockets, 5 zipped pockets, a cell phone pocket, and a pocket for mums to keep your personal things. You can also machine wash the changing bag and air dry it.


  • The little pockets make it easy to organize what you need
  • Has a cell phone pocket
  • The mommy pocket can fit most of your personal items


  • It’s expensive


This diaper bag is made with stain-resistant material which helps you to easily wipe off any messes on it. The many compartments ensure that you have enough room for all the things your baby needs for the trip. It’s lightweight and comfortable to carry with padded shoulder straps and good cushioning for your back.

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Hap Tim baby diaper bag backpack

This large diaper bag is perfect if you’re looking for a good convertible diaper bag for traveling. It’s made with nylon and a PU back coating meaning that it’s stronger and more wear-resistant than the typical polyester. It’s made with non-fraying stitching and strong zippers that add to its longevity and prolong its lifespan. This diaper bag has 17 pockets and 2 bigger main compartments with enough space for all the baby essentials as well as snacks and toys to keep you organized and reduce your stress.

The back and the shoulder straps are made of a 3D breathable padding for added comfort and you also get a bonus of an anti-theft pocket for your personal items. You can use the stroller straps to attach it to the stroller when you want to take a break from carrying the bag and spend some time with your baby. This diaper bag has a practical and unisex design that is perfect for both mum and dad.


  • Made with high-quality material
  • The back and straps are well padded so it’s easy to carry
  • The pockets are well-sized to fit
  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • The reinforced stitching increases its longevity


  • Has no wipes pocket


This diaper bag has a modern and stylish design that is perfect for both mum and dad. The multiple pockets help to keep you organized while the padding on the shoulder straps add to your comfort and the breathable cushion at the back prevents your back from sweating.

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Skip Hop Forma diaper bag backpack

This baby diaper bag has multiple pockets on the inside and outside and packing cubes with enough space to help you organize all the baby essentials. At the top, it has a wide dual zip opening to help you easily reach anything you need. The front has 2 large compartments with one insulated for bottles and other beverages, 2 insulated side pockets for your baby bottles, a multipurpose mesh pocket where you can put extra clothes or snacks, and a cell phone pocket for mum.

The cushioned changing pad that comes with this diaper bag is machine washable and you can also use the changing pad pocket to store your tablet or laptop if it’s around 15-inches. This multi-purpose diaper bag has cushioned shoulder straps to help reduce the pressure on your shoulders and back and for cushioning with an easy to grab top handle and stroller straps that give you an option of attaching the bag to the stroller. This diaper bag is both fashionable and function and would make a great baby shower gift.


  • Very comfortable with padded shoulder straps and back
  • Lots of space in the main pocket
  • The additional packing cubes help you to stay organized


  • It’s not the most attractive bag
  • The material isn’t waterproof


A multi-functional diaper bad that is made with very soft material and with ample room to accommodate all the things your baby needs. It has space for baby bottles, clothes, other baby items, and even your tablet or laptop.

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Final thoughts

Whether you’re a mother of twins looking for a diaper bag for twins, or you’re planning a trip with your baby and you need the best backpack diaper bag for travel, or just a mum looking for an affordable, practical, cute, and functional diaper bag, it’s easy to find the perfect diaper bag if you know what features to look for. The Bag Nation diaper bag backpack is a stylish and functional diaper bag with enough space and additional accessories that will make your trip less stressful.


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