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The Best Diaper Bag Backpack With Usb Charging Port

How To Choose The Best Diaper Bag Backpack With Usb Charging Port  

For a new mum, a diaper bag is one of the most important things you need to have. The best diaper bag backpack with a USB charging port will not only save you when your baby is hungry, has a wet diaper, or crying, but you can also charge your phone in case your battery is low.

Your diaper bag should be functional for any job, durable to withstand the wear and tear of everyday handling, but still stylish enough to carry every day. This may be a lot to ask from one bag, but these points will help you narrow down the search for you.

Points to consider when looking for the best diaper bag backpack with USB charging port  


A diaper bag that is not functional will be a big disappointment when you need it the most. It has to have:

·         A mommy pocket: A diaper bag is not only meant for your baby but also for you. You won’t need to carry your purse, your baby, and the diaper bag, so you’re going to need space for your keys, wallet, sunglasses, and other toiletries that you need.

·         Baby space: Some of the most common baby items in a diaper bag include diapers, wipes, extra clothes, baby formula, shoes, blanket, towels, milk bottles, toys, pacifiers, a bib, and a burp cloth. All these things need to be well organized in the bag so that you can easily find any item when you need it.

·         Extra space: Unless you’re planning on buying a new diaper bag every time you get a baby, you should get one that has enough space for two children.

Size and weight

These are very important aspects in the best diaper bag backpack with a USB charging port that is mostly overlooked. You need a bag that is large enough to store everything your baby needs, but not too big that you can’t use it after your baby has outgrown it or be a nuisance. It also has to be the right weight since you don’t want to carry a bulky bag all day.


Nowadays, there is a wide variety of stylish diaper bags you can choose from. You can get a diaper bag that looks like a messenger bag, tote bag, or a backpack. It all depends on your needs and personal preference. You also need to consider:

·         Color: You can get a bag that is bright and colorful that goes with your personality or one that will go with every outfit you have in your wardrobe. You also need to consider a diaper bag with a gender-neutral color that your significant other will feel comfortable carrying around.

·         A traditional bag or a purse: Most women like the purse-like diaper bags that help you to retain your pre-mum style, but your spouse will not be happy carrying around a purse. A traditional bag has more space and pockets to accommodate everything you and your baby need. When choosing a diaper bag, take your spouse with you so that you get a bag that you’re both comfortable with.

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3 insulated bottle pockets, money-back guarantee for damage and defects, durable oxford fabric, wet pocket, breathable wider shoulder straps.

2 insulated bottle pockets, anti-theft back pocket, mommy pocket, metal stroller straps, key hook, and breathable padded shoulder straps.

3 insulated bottle pockets, 2 wet pockets, 2 stroller straps, keyring, changing pad

13 pockets, unisex design, 2 wet pockets, wider breathable shoulder straps, strong zippers.

14 pockets, dual zippers, wipes pocket, lifetime warranty, unisex design.

3 insulated pockets, 11 compartments, 2 waterproof pockets, 2 stroller straps.

Hopopower diaper bag backpack

If you’re tired of carrying heavy backpacks when you’re out with your baby or worried that your backpack is too small to carry all the things your baby needs, this multi-functional diaper bag is the perfect solution for you. It has a large size design with multiple compartments and pockets that offer lots of space to store diapers, clothes, shoes, milk bottles, iPad, etc. and still be organized. The insulated pocket at the front can hold 3 milk bottles and keep them warm for hours, a wipes pocket on the side for quick access, an anti-theft pocket at the back to keep your cellphone, wallet, keys, and other valuable items safe, a waterproof pocket for separating the dry and wet clothes, and a side pocket for putting your umbrella or water bottle.

It has strong zippers that you can easily open and close with 2 stroller straps that make it easy for you to attach the bag onto the stroller leaving your hands free to take care of your baby. This diaper bag is made with waterproof polyester material that prevents water or rain from sipping through the bag making it a perfect bag for traveling, shopping, camping, or other outdoor activities. It has a built-in USB charging port on the outside and a power cable for recharging your phone on the go.


·         The padded shoulder straps are very comfortable

·         Has plenty of compartments for everything your baby needs

·         Very easy to keep it clean

·         Has a neutral gray color perfect for dads


·         The charging port is a bit slow

·         The shoulder straps stitches rip open


A multi-functional diaper backpack that you can carry on your trip to the grocery store or your long trips with the baby. It’s a large diaper bag that can accommodate everything you and your baby need even your iPad and umbrella. 

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Cysili diaper bag backpack

A diaper bag with a gender-neutral color and a simple design that both doesn’t compromise on style and functionality. It’s made with an anti-scratch and water-resistant oxford fabric and high-quality and durable zippers to ensure that you will use the bag for many years to come. It has a zipped clamshell opening in the main compartment for quick access to the items inside and other smaller pockets to hold baby clothes, diapers, formula, and other items.

One side pocket holds the wipes while the other is for your water bottles or umbrella, 2 insulated bottle pockets to keep the milk at the right temperatures, a small pouch for the baby spoons, and a mommy compartment to keep your wallet, keys, cellphone, and other valuables safe. There is a back zipper to help you quickly reach the items at the bottom of the bag. The breathable padded shoulder straps will keep you comfortable when carrying the bag and evenly distribute the weight on your shoulders. You can use the metal stroller straps to hang the bag on the stroller handle.


·         Stylish and very roomy

·         The wide opening makes it easier to look for anything in the bag

·         The back bottom zipper helps you to get the items at the bottom

·         Very comfortable to carry

·         Very easy to clean and maintain


·         The zippers are of poor quality


A stylish and roomy diaper bag with a wide zipped opening in the main compartment that makes it easy to arrange all the baby essentials and access what you need without rummaging through the whole bag. The padded shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry the bag around and the mommy pocket protects your cellphone, wallet, and other valuables from getting stolen or lost.

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Oraniful multi-functional diaper bag backpack

A multi-functional diaper bag with plenty of compartments, 14 pockets, and a variety of colors that you can choose from depending on your taste. You can carry this fashionable diaper bag as a tote bag, a handbag, or a backpack for shopping, traveling, or short outings with the baby. It has 3 insulated bottle pockets to keep the baby milk warm, 2 wet clothes pockets for wet clothes and diapers, a side tissue pocket, and a USB port. It’s also designed with an anti-theft pocket to keeping your phone, wallet, and other valuable items safe.

The USB port makes it convenient for you to charge your phone wherever you are by just plugging in the power bank in the backpack. This diaper bag has 2 stroller straps you can use to hook the bag onto the stroller and give you time to attend to your baby and a changing pad to help keep your baby dry when you’re out of the house. The thick and wide breathable soft shoulder straps reduce the burden on your back and provide comfort while carrying the bag so you don’t have to complain about neck and shoulder pains later. This diaper backpack is made with a waterproof high-quality material that is breathable and dirt-proof so you can easily wipe it clean and hand washes it.


·         The USB port charges your phone very well

·         The material is of good quality and very strong

·         The back straps are adjustable

·         It has a neutral color, perfect for dads


·         The stitching isn’t well done


A very spacious diaper bag with neutral colors that dads can also feel comfortable carrying around. The wide zipped opening in the main compartment allows you to easily organize and pick whatever item you need easily. It’s made with a durable waterproof material that makes it easy to clean and maintain.

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Mokaloo large multi-functional diaper bag backpack

This is a practical and multi-functional diaper backpack with a large capacity to hold most of your baby items. It’s made with waterproof twill polyester, non-fraying stitching, and strong zippers that make this bag durable so you won’t have to worry about buying another diaper bag any time soon. It has a unisex design that both mum and dad can carry around comfortably. It has 13 pockets on the inside and outside with the zipped main compartment having other smaller pockets for all your stuff.

There is a mommy pocket where you can store your valuables and other items, a pocket at the front for small baby items, a fork and spoon pocket, 2 insulated pockets for keeping your baby’s milk warm, a side pocket for wipes and the other side pocket for your water bottle, and 2 waterproof pockets for storing the wet clothes, dirty bibs, and diapers. This versatile diaper bag has a stylish design with a neutral color that matches everything you wear so you can carry it when shopping, traveling, or a day out with your baby.

The 2 stroller straps that allow you to hook the bag on the stroller handle leaving your hands free to take care of your baby. The padded straps are adjustable and made with a breathable cushion so you don’t sweat and you stay comfortable. The straps have an S-shape that helps to reduce the weight on your shoulders and back so you don’t develop neck and back pains. You can easily clean the bag by either wiping it clean or hand washing after some time.


·         The zippers open and close smoothly

·         It has a neutral grey color that is comfortable with fathers

·         Has a wide opening at the top

·         The stroller straps are very convenient


·         Zippers are of poor quality

·         The seams rip open after some time


This diaper bag has a wide opening so you can access everything that is in the bag and the pockets are the right size. It’s made with a durable and comfortable fabric that is water-resistant which prevents spills and water from sipping through. It has a mommy pocket for all your valuable items and a pocket for storing the baby spoons and fork.

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Rayden diaper bag backpack

This diaper bag backpack has a large capacity but a lightweight feels even when it’s full of stuff making it easier to carry. The secure stitches done on the shoulder straps and reinforced seams at the handles increase its durability and ensure it serves you for many years. This diaper bag has a main zipped pocket with a wide opening so you can easily find anything and 14 other separate pockets to help stay organized. The dual zipper makes it easier to open and close the pockets. You can use this bag in many ways including as a backpack, handbag, or diaper bag.

The 2 pram hooks are useful in hooking the bag to the stroller handle when you need to take care of your baby. The padded shoulder straps and back ensure that you’re comfortable carrying the bag and also reduce the chances of the straps eating into your shoulder because of the weight. The backside pocket will keep your valuables safe and the side wipes pocket will make it easier to quickly access them. The 2 insulated bottle pockets keep the baby milk warm for hours and the waterproof pocket will keep the wet diapers and clothes separate from the dry ones. The USB port is conveniently placed so you can charge your phone or other devices using your power bank.


·         You can easily wipe the bag clean both in and out

·         The anti-theft pocket is very useful

·         Durable material and well-constructed

·         Very spacious

·         It comes with stroller clips


·         The wipes pocket is a bit small

·         The insulation foil is poor quality


A well-constructed diaper bag with a waterproof material that will protect your baby essential from spills and rain. It has spacious pockets with ample space to store everything your baby needs and the USB charging port is very helpful when you want to charge your phone on the road.

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Upsimples diaper bag backpack

A practical diaper bag with a USB charging port and cable so you can charge your phone at your convenience. Remember to carry your power bank as it’s not included in the bag. It’s stylish and easily matches anything you wear so you don’t have to worry about looking less fashionable carrying this diaper backpack. This diaper backpack is made with a lightweight, durable, and waterproof oxford fabric that you can easily wipe clean while the reinforced stitches, strong inner lining, and strong zippers ensure that the bag is durable.

It has with 3 insulated pockets for storing the baby milk and keeping it warm, 2 waterproof pockets at the front and back here you can put the wet cloths, bibs, and diapers. The other 11 pockets will carry everything you need including diapers, shoes, clothes, baby formula, and other items. The adjustable shoulder straps are wider for improved comfort and the soft and breathable padding help to support your back, reduce the stress from your shoulders, and keep you cool. It also comes with 2 stroller straps that you can use to hook the bag onto the stroller handle.


·         Has a beautiful color and is lightweight

·         The waterproof fabric protects you from any spillage

·         The shoulder straps are well padded

·         A very spacious main compartment


·         The zippers aren’t durable

·         The bottle pockets are a bit small


A beautiful diaper backpack with a stylish look with many compartments to help you stay organized. It’s made with a waterproof oxford fabric that is both durable and easy to wipe clean. The adjustable shoulder straps make it more comfortable for anyone to carry the bag and the breathable padding supports your spine and help to evenly distribute the weight.

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Final thoughts

Finding the best diaper bag backpack with a USB charging port is not an easy task, but the list above will make it easier for you. The Hopopower diaper bag backpack is a multi-functional and durable diaper bag that can fit everything you and your baby need.

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