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The Best Backpack Diaper Bag With Cooler

How To Identify The Best Backpack Diaper Bag With Cooler

A diaper bag is a parent’s best friend, constant companion, and never leaves home without an accessory. The best backpack diaper bag with cooler will ensure that the food and drinks in the bag don’t go bad from the temperatures outside.

It’s no secret that babies need a lot of stuff and as a parent, you deal with a lot trying to take care of your little one, especially when you’re not at home. A diaper bag will help you store everything in one place from the must-have diapers, wipes, and other necessities like extra clothes, milk bottles, toys, and pacifiers. Finding the perfect diaper bag at the end of the day all depends on your personal preference.

Things you should consider before buying the best backpack diaper bag with cooler

How you’re going to use the diaper bag

Before you start your search for a diaper bag, you’ll need to think about how you’re going to use the diaper bag. If you live in the city and you like pushing a stroller, you will need your hands to be free so a backpack diaper bag will be ideal for you. If you have two children or are thinking of adding another child soon, you will need a stylish diaper bag with lots of storage space. If you’re only planning on bottle-feeding your baby, your diaper bag needs to have insulated pockets for the baby milk. Putting into consideration your specific needs and your lifestyle will make it easier to choose the right diaper bag.

Features to consider in a diaper bag

If you’re a stylish and fashionable mum, you’ll most likely go for a designer diaper bag like a purse other than a traditional bag. On the other hand, if you’re a minimalist, you’ll probably go for a small backpack or a diaper clutch. Many options are depending on what you’re looking for, but there are some features you need to look for in the best backpack diaper bag with cooler.

Ergonomic: The diaper bag you choose should be comfortable to carry especially when it’s full.

Ease of cleaning: It’s a guarantee that your diaper bag will get dirty from the leaky bottles or dirty clothes and diapers, so your diaper bag should have an easy to wipe clean surface or one you can hand wash or machine wash.

Roomy: Babies need a lot of stuff to take care of them and the diaper bag you get should have enough pockets and compartments to accommodate everything.

Ability to share: You need to remember that the diaper bag you choose may not work for your partner or the baby’s nanny. You need to consider everyone who will be taking care of your baby and what will work for them.

Other extra features that would be nice to find in a diaper bag include a changing pad to help keep your baby dry when you’re not at home, insulated pockets for keeping the baby’s milk, water, and snack at the right temperature, and lastly lots of pockets so it can be easier to locate whatever you need quickly.

The base of the bag

Look for a diaper bag that can easily stand on its own since it will be easier to reach inside and get what you need with one hand, especially when you have a screaming baby.


A diaper bag with solid closures like zippers are great to help keep everything inside the bag secure so you don’t drop anything when you bend over. Diaper bags made with Velcro will give you a hard time because they can get stuck on things or make a lot of noise that can wake up the baby.

Carrying options

When your little one begins to walk and have an opinion and want to be held all the time, you will need your hands free most of the time to be able to keep up. That is why it’s important to think about how you’re going to carry the diaper bag.

Shoulder straps: Look for a diaper bag with adjustable straps that will enable you or any other person to carry the diaper bag comfortably. The adjustability of the straps is important if you plan to share the bag with your partner and the baby’s nanny or caretaker.

Messenger strap: This strap will leave your hands free and you can add it as a style option. It will allow you to wear the diaper bag behind you and you can easily pull or twist the bag to the front to access any item you need. Your hands will also be free and ready to take care of your little one.

Backpack: Most parents prefer to have at least a backpack as a diaper bag because it will save you a lot as your family grows. As children grow, they like to explore the world outside their home, so any chance they get they will run away from you very fast. This is when you will be thankful you have the backpack securely on your back so it won’t fall or get in your way as you try to keep up with your baby. And since the weight will be evenly distributed on your back and shoulders, you won’t have problems leaning or moving around.

Reviews: Comparison table for the best backpack diaper bag with cooler

Material type
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Maki’s Connecting Hearts baby diaper bag backpack

Polyester and nylon
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Maki’s Connecting Hearts baby diaper bag backpack

A stylish and modern diaper backpack that has an elegant multi-functional and unisex design that is suitable for both mum and dad, and even boys and girls. If you’re planning on taking your little one on a day trip to explore the world, this diaper bag will be the perfect choice for you. This cute diaper bag is large enough with 16 compartments and pockets that you can easily reach and help you to stay organized with every baby item with its place to store.

It’s made with a sturdy material, strong zippers, and a nylon waterproof lining that protects in case there are any spillage or bottle leaks on the inside. It comes with a compartment for putting all the wet clothes and diapers, a baby wipes pocket on the side that is easily accessible, a net pocket for storing the towels, a zipped pocket for putting your keys and other small items, a breast pump pocket, an umbrella pocket at the bottom in case it rains, and an insulated side pocket for the milk bottles.

This diaper bag also comes with a beautifully large changing bag so you can change your baby’s diapers anywhere with ease. The padded shoulder straps make it convenient and comfortable to carry the bag around and you can use the stroller straps to hook the bag on the stroller if you want your hands free to take care of your baby. A bonus is the multi-purpose bottle bag that comes with an adjustable handle. It keeps the contents inside warm or cold and it has a lot of space to fit the baby’s milk bottles, water, juice, and snacks.


  • A practical diaper bag with many pockets
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable
  • It has a separate bottle bag to put more baby bottles
  • The grey and red colors are unisex
  • The wipes pocket is large enough to fit any type of wipes


  • The zippers are of poor quality
  • The diaper pocket is a bit small


A stylish, elegant, but functional diaper bag backpack that has a unisex design making it perfect for everyone to carry. It comes with multiple compartments to store all the baby items, pockets for your keys and other valuables, and a bottle bag that you can put the baby’s milk, water, and snacks to keep them warm or cold. It has adjustable straps that are comfortable to carry.

Rio diaper backpack with baby bottle cooler

This diaper bag backpack with its removable cooler is the best solution if you’re constantly on the go and you want your hands free, but still, carry all the baby essentials with you. This backpack has a large main compartment with 4 pockets; 3 mid-size and small pockets are for the baby’s diapers, clothes, toys, pacifiers, and other items and a large pocket for the changing pad or your laptop. The front compartment has a large mesh zipped pocket for storing clothes and a smaller one for your items. There is also a zipped pocket at the front of the bag for baby wipes so you can easily access them and 2 side pockets for putting the baby bottles and water. To keep you comfortable while carrying the backpack around there are comfy padded shoulder straps that have a breathable mesh padding to also keep you cool and prevent your back from sweating.

There is a grab handle at the top that you use to carry the diaper bag as a tore bag or get stroller straps that are sold separately to hook the bag onto the stroller leaving your hands free to take care of your baby or attend to other things. It also comes with a padded changing pad that has a large changing surface that you can easily clean and protect your baby from the cold dirty surface. The baby cooler has a handle at the top, an insulated interior, and an outer pocket to store other items. You can attach it to the backpack or use it separately to store up to 3 baby bottles or snacks. It has long adjustable straps that you can use to carry it or attach it to the stroller.


  • An adorable and roomy diaper bag
  • A great diaper bag to use every day
  • Has lots of compartments
  • It’s lightweight
  • The cooler bag can fit 3 bottles


  • The bag can’t stand on its own when full
  • It’s not big enough to take on long trips


A diaper backpack with a fancy detachable cooler that is perfect for mums and dads who want their hands free to take care of their little one, but still have all the baby items with you while on the go. The coolers come in a variety of colors and with straps that you can use to hook it to the stroller. The pockets are spacious and secured with zippers so everything is safe inside the bag.

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Obersee Oslo diaper bag backpack with removable cooler

A diaper backpack constructed with durable materials perfect if you’re an active parent. It’s an all-round bag that you will enjoy using for a long time even after your baby has outgrown it. It comes with a removable insulated bottle cooler that can fit 3 bottles or snacks. You can easily detach it from the backpack and use the adjustable strap to hook it to the stroller. It has an outside pocket for putting other items and an insulated inside pocket that can accommodate 3 bottles. The diaper backpack comes with a changing mat kit that includes a large changing pad that is easy to clean, 2 side pockets, one for storing baby wipes and the other for diapers and other items. On the outside, this changing kit has a strap to help you attach it to the stroller.

The diaper bag also has a wet pocket for putting all the wet clothes and diapers, a compartment for organizing the clothes and other items, a pocket for keeping your laptop or tablet, 2 side pockets for drinks and baby bottles, and organizer pockets for putting your personal items like keys, phone, wallet, etc. The backpack has a carry handle at the top if you opt to carry it like a tote bag and 2 rings for attaching it to the stroller. If you love listening to music, there is a pocket for putting your music player and earphones and a loop you can hang your sunglasses. The padded straps and back are ergonomically designed for your comfort and to help evenly distribute the weight on your shoulders while the breathable mesh padding ensures you don’t sweat as you carry the bag around.


  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Comes with a variety of color options
  • Has a unisex design
  • You can remove the cooler and attach it to your stroller


  • The changing pad is a bit small
  • Doesn’t have enough pockets inside


A great diaper backpack that you use on long trips with your family, go to soccer games, or for daily use. It comes with a removable cooler you can store 3 baby bottles, a changing kit with a large changing pad, and pockets for diapers and other items, a clothing cube for storing extra clothes, and a wet pouch for putting all the wet diapers and clothes so you don’t mix them with the dry ones. You can choose to carry the cooler by itself or attach it to the bag or stroller.

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Bern diaper backpack with food cooler

A large but stylish diaper backpack that will make it easier for mum and dad to travel with everything your child needs in one bag and still feel comfortable carrying it because it’s a convenient and durable backpack. This backpack has a removable insulated cooler that can fit several baby bottles, snacks, or even your lunch. It’s challenging as a mother to go out for errands with your baby and worry about finding a changing table when you need to change your baby’s diaper. You don’t have to worry about that anymore, this diaper bag comes with a large and comfortable changing pad that you place anywhere to change your baby’s diaper.

If you want an easier way of carrying the bag, you can use the stroller straps to hook the bag onto the stroller or use the adjustable padded back straps to improve your comfort. This diaper backpack has a padded pocket that can fit your laptop or tablet, multiple pockets for putting the baby items, a zipped pocket for your wallet, phone, and other valuables, and a key hook so you don’t lose your keys.


  • Multiple compartments and pockets to fit everything your baby needs
  • Has a gender-neutral color
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Has very long straps


  • Poor quality zippers
  • The shoulder straps don’t have enough padding



A diaper backpack with a beautiful detachable cooler that is convenient and durable. It has plenty of space for packing all the baby essentials and even has space for your laptop. It has a changing pad which reduces your worry when you’re out with your baby when it comes to changing a wet diaper.

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Final thoughts

Choosing the best backpack diaper bag with cooler all depends on your tastes and preferences, but it’s also important that you get a diaper bag that is comfortable, functional, and convenient when you, your partner, or the nanny are out with the baby. The Maki’s Connecting Hearts baby diaper bag backpack is a stylish and multi-functional diaper backpack with a unisex design that both mum and dad will be comfortable carrying. It comes with a changing pad and a beautiful cooler bag that you can put drinks, snacks, or baby milk.


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