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How to pack the bag nation diaper bag

How to pack the bag nation diaper bag

As a new parent, you understand the importance of carrying baby stuff when you travel with your new baby. Carrying the traditional shoulder diaper bag can be very uncomfortable and weights a lot on one of your shoulders. This is why the diaper backpacks are recommended and the perfect solution. Diaper backpacks are easy and convenient to transport not to mention how modern and cool they are.  They have enough space to insert additional personal items in there.

Packing a diaper bag seems easy but new mums will tell you that it is not a park in the bag. The bag nation diaper bag is one of the most convenient when it comes to traveling with your new baby. Learn how to pack the bag nation diaper bag with this simple article.

The bag nation all-purpose diaper bad is one of the most common diaper bags for moms. Aside from the ability to carry plenty of essentials, it is also designed and curved ergonomically, with a padded back panel combines with a breathable mesh and padded shoulder straps to make it comfortable to carry.

Comfort is not the only thing most people look for in a diaper bag. A well designed, lightweight, durable and water-resistant bag should do the job well.

Tips for packing the big nations diaper bag

As a new mom, going out is such a huge task. There is no guarantee that your baby will not throw up or spill upon their sweater at some point. Having to search through a bottomless hole and deal with wet things is just as worse. The bag nation diaper, paired with the perfect packing skills could be the main solution to your problems.

How to pack the big nations diaper bag

Pre-portion your bottles – this step is great for parents who are using formula. Pre-measure the water and pour them into different bottles. Making smaller portions for different times of the day makes travel more convenient and less messy inside the diaper bag.

Prevent any leaks – triple checking the water, milk, oil, and sunscreen will not guarantee that you’re safe. The might be screwed on tight but can loosen up when jostled. Packing them in a sealed bag will decrease.

Stash different categories of essentials into bags – this is a great way to pack things so you can find them fast. Keep the oils, clothes, and meals separate but categorize them in smaller plastic bags before putting them into the diaper bag. This minimizes congestion, organizes your bag and gives you an easy time.

Use a diaper bag caddy – this viral facebook idea has come in handy for new moms today. The diaper bag caddy is basically strapping a regular-sized packet of wipes on the lid of an empty wipe tub with an elastic headband. What this does is leave room inside the tub for diaper changing essentials.  When your baby needs the change fast, you can just grab it and go.

The file system – filing systems for diaper bags are customizable and very easy to use.  The different sections on the system can vary from 2 to 5 or more with different sizes.  Find filing systems with high-quality labels to make packing easier for you. Some filing systems have sections that come in a ring so you can take some off when you do not have to use them.

You’ll e surprised to hear that mesh pouches and pencil cases make some of the best diaper organizers.  You can color-code them to easily find items.

Diaper organization tricks

  • Store the pacifiers in a small plastic container
  • Use a filing system in your diaper bag
  • Pack minimal – the more things you pack the harder it is to keep the bag nations diaper bag organized.
  • Get a wet/dry bag to store soiled clothes and diapers
  • Attach a changing pad to the bag to make changing time much easier
  • Make multiple similar kits with filling systems and smaller bags and store them somewhere. This supply will make packing the bag nation diaper bag easier. Seasonal kits like for winter and summer will also come in handy.
  • Use sample sizes when you are not going to be out for long. This will save you loads of space, weight and time.
  • Store some of the kits in the car when you can. Keeping extra baby essentials can come in handy it times of need.

Why use the bag nation backpack diaper bag?

You obviously have the responsibility of taking care of your baby everywhere you go with it, especially when it is a new baby.  You will need to travel with everything from bottles to clothes, diapers, and food.

What are the features of the bag nation diaper bag that make it easy and efficient to pack?

The pockets/compartments

The bag nation diaper bag backpack features 14 pockets of different sizes.  Pockets on diaper bags help you stay more organized so you can grab your baby’s item when you need it.  The outer pockets on the bag nation diaper bag are great because they allow for quick access when you need to reach out for an item fast.

The size of the bag

The bag nation diaper bag measures 14.6 x 4.5 x 11.1 inches and weighs around 2.4 pounds. This makes it large enough to carry a tonne of supplies when you are traveling for a longer period.

The style

The style of the bag also plays a hand in how you are going to pack it. The bag has so many zipper pockets and they make it easy to organize.  The large compartment is great to install a filling system. It is great as a carry on and also small enough to place in front of your seat while you are on a flight.

Final word

The bag nation diaper bag is an amazing diaper bag with all the features and pockets that make your travel much more convenient.  It is made with high-quality water-resistant material and non-fraying stitching with a strong zipper to ensure it lasts you for quite some time. The good thing about this bag is that it is designed to be unisex which means anyone who is taking care of the baby at that moment can just pack the bag and be on their way. It looks like a typical backpack which means that dads will be able to use it and carry it around without much embarrassment.

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