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Land diaper bag vs Sunveno diaper bag

Land diaper bag vs Sunveno diaper bag – stylish, chic and organized diaper bag

Diaper bags are not only comfortable to carry than backpacks but they also keep your hands free and allow you to focus on the baby. Find the perfect diaper bag with this land diaper bag vs sunveno diaper bag review

For me, the best thing about having a diaper bag is being able to pack all your baby’s gears in one bag. I also enjoy looking stylish when traveling with my baby which is why I was searching for one that can do both. Backpack style diaper bags are not only comfortable on the shoulders but are very easy to carry around. Tote diaper bags, on the other hand, are stylish and chic while managing to keep your gear organized at the same time.  Why not have both? The land diaper bag VA sunveno diaper bag is a review of two stylish and comfortable multifunctional bags that can be used as backpack and tote interchangeably.

A comparison Table of land diaper bag vs sunveno diaper bag   

Storage spaces
Special feature
42 x 27 x 21 cm
1.43 pounds
Hidden zip pocket
42 x 27 x 21 cm
1.75 pounds
USB Port and hidden zip pocket


Comparisons between land diaper bag and sunveno diaper bag                                 

Capacity and size

The land diaper bag and sunveno bag both have a large capacity. The sunveno diaper backpack has a capacity of 20 liters and it is 42x27x21 cm in size.  The land diaper bag is also 42x27x21 cm in size with a capacity of 20 liters. You can pack all your things in a simple and organized way.

The opening design

The great opening design of the sunveno lets you see and access the location of all objects the minute the bag is opened.   The metal D rings located on the top back of the backpack allow you to attach or hook the bag to your stroller while you are on the move.

The land diaper bag has a metal frame wide opening that allows you to stack things and take them out easily. The multi-pockets in the bag keep it clean and organized.


The land diaper is made of high quality, durable and water-resistant fabric. Oxford fabric is also a high-quality environment that is very easy to clean and maintain. Because of how easy it is to clean and maintain, the diaper bag will serve you for quite a long time.

The sunveno is made of high-quality fabric and the details on the bag are professionally done and well finished. The high-quality polyester fabric is waterproof, can resist tears/scratched and is also dustproof.  Polyester is stronger than most fabric and presents a greater visual effect.

Pockets and compartments

With multiple pockets, the Land diaper bag offers plenty of space and organizations for the baby’s gears. The zippered insulated front pocket is designed to hold multiple bottles. It has two 7.9 cm diameter and an 8.9 diameter holder plus a mesh in the front bottle pocket holder to keep the bottles from falling when you spring the zip open. It also includes an additional zippered back pocket, wet pocket, exterior wipes pocket and a large zippered pocket in the back.

The sunveno also includes a safe inside pocket for secure storage, a keyring strap that allows you to attach your keys for fast retraction and on both sides of the bag are two compartments one for wipes and the other for a large bottle.  At the back of the bag is an opening compartment with a waterproof bag.

The special feature

The data cable on the sunveno backpack can be connected to the charging treasure while the USB port outside to your mobile when you want to charge the phone.

The hidden zip pockets on both the land diaper bag and sunveno diaper bag allow you to store your phone and other valuables safely and also separate them from the baby’s gear

Land diaper bag review

The land diaper bag is a must for every stylish parent. Its multifunctional feature allows you t carry it as a backpack as well as a tote.  The wide range of color selections makes it suitable for both parents. Fathers can have the perfect travel time with their toddlers without being super conscious of the diaper bag.

Land diaper bag offers you a convenient and functional solution for when you are traveling with your baby. It is lightweight and very comfortable to carry. The land diaper bag is spacious, with conveniently designed and placed pockets and zippers.

It is made of lightweight, oxford fiber which is waterproof to prevent any kind of damage from spills.  The easy to clean the interior of the bag has multiple pockets of space for your baby’s gear.

The only downside of this bag is that it does not come with a changing pad but you can always get one online and in baby stores at a fair price.


  • Multifunctional
  • Made of high-quality polyester
  • Has plenty of storage space


  • Does not come with accessories


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Sunveno diaper bag review

The sunveno diaper bag is perfect for stylish traveler dads and moms. It comes with multiple beautiful colors that leave you spoilt for choice.  To make it more stylish are the wide metal zipper openings with beautiful metal supports. The zippers are crafted beautifully to give this functional bag a modern chic look

With plenty of space and accessories, the sunveno is surprisingly lightweight. This makes travel very easy for you and your baby. The large capacity and multiple rooms of the sunveno allows for plenty of storage room when you are organizing gear into the diaper bag.


  • Made of high-quality fabric
  • Multifunctional
  • Has a large capacity and plenty of room
  • Comes with a USB charging system


  • No accessories included


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Just like the Land diaper bag, the sunveno is a sleek and stylish diaper bag that offers you the best services you need to store your baby’s gear while you are traveling. Both have plenty of room and compartments that help you get organized and make it easy for you to reach out for something fast when changing the baby or when it is feeding time. Both the land diaper and sunveno diaper bags are investments worth making for new and expecting moms.

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