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Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack Reviews

Mancro Diaper Bag Backpack Reviews

Being a parent is amazing because you get a newborn to play with – and taking care of children can be exciting, as you bond with them over time. You might also want to take them regularly on trips, regardless of whether they are long or short. However, the pleasure of having a newborn with you quickly goes away when you discover you have to take care of them – and that means considering their diapers, food, and general well-being.

The irony is that the smallest people need the most things while going out because they cannot handle things on their own. With all the things you need to carry, you need a bag that can sort you out, keep everything in place, and maintain the smooth running of things as you dote over the child. The good news is that there are plenty of bags you can use for this purpose, with the Mancro diaper bag being among them. Read on to find out our review, as well as the reasons why this bag is definitely worth it.

What to expect

It is very important to have a backpack that is lightweight as you move around with your baby – you do not want to put any more pressure on yourself. Fortunately, the manufacturers of the bag keep this in mind the entire time, which ensures it offers you maximum convenience as the mother – and even receives some help from dad as well.

Here are some key features that will likely impress you.

Important features

Lifetime warranty

Because the manufacturer deems this bag to be of the highest quality and believes it will serve its users well after many years, they have a lifetime warranty on this item. It is bound not to disappoint, and many user reviews reveal it to be that way.

Adequate space

The bag is quite large, as it measures 11.8 x 7.1 x 16.5 inches. It also is quite roomy and will store all the things you need, as all the components total to 14 – in fact, it not only carries all your baby’s accessories comfortably but also stores your own items, those of dad, as well as the babysitter.

Its design is also unisex, and can be useful in a variety of settings – such as going shopping, heading to the restaurant with your family, and so on. This makes it the perfect gift for a baby shower, and will even fit dad as well due to the colors available; there are six colors you can get.

Multi-functioning pockets

You need multiple pockets that can handle multiple things, which is understandable because of the many demands you have. This bag, in particular, has two side pockets that have plenty of insulation – that means your baby’s milk and water bottles are safe and will retain the warmth of the liquids.

It also has two front zipper pockets, which you can use to store your own accessories or those that you need to reach quickly, as well as the main compartment that stores the baby’s clothes, diapers and so on. in addition, it also has a compartment that is large enough to store a changing mat and laptop, something that you hardly find in many diaper bags – and that allows you to work on the move as you move with your baby, making this quite the great option for working and traveling mothers.

Hands-free and versatile

You not only get the bag itself in your purchase but also other goodies that prove greatly useful. For instance, a changing pad, as well as two stroller straps – which you can use when you want to attach the bag to a stroller for greater convenience.

This makes the bag more than just a diaper bag, and transforms it into a child carrier backpack to increase your convenience on the go. It will also guard against the ravages of daily wear and tear, as well as resist deformation. Its waterproof nature also makes it easy to wipe clean in case of spillage, and the god, strong material that makes up the zipper means that the bag itself will serve you well for many years to come.

Anti-theft features

You will be pleased to know that the zippers on this bag are of high quality, and they will maintain the security of all items present thanks to them being dial metal zippers. They are also large, and their quality is high to last for many years and withstand heavy use. The overall design also allows it to make a great travel backpack.


Since you are shuffling so many items in the bag, the least it can do is remain comfortable enough to carry for long periods. The good thing about the design of the Mancro Organizer diaper bag is the thick shoulder straps, which have quite the impressive level of padding that increases your comfort as you move around.

The fabric making up the bag itself is also quite durable, and can hold up to many years of use, while the bag itself is lightweight (it weighs about 1.7 pounds) and easy to adjust in the shoulder straps. Breathability is also an important factor to keep in mind, as you do not want your back to sweat from trapped heat – and thankfully, it is present here. The straps are padded, as well as the back area, making it comfortable to carry. The entire material in these areas is also breathable.


·         Very large size that allows you to store multiple items as you move around

·         Great design, unisex and fits in many scenarios

·         Durable fabric that does not fall apart easily

·         Good security features

·         Very functional and versatile

·         Very easy to clean and maintain

·         Stroller straps add convenience


·         Not big enough if you happen to have more than one child to take care of


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Final thoughts

This might not be the best diaper bag you ever find in the market, but it is good enough to handle your baby’s needs. The only problem is that it is not adequate enough to handle 2the needs of more than one child, so you need to keep that in mind when purchasing it.



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