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Must have diaper bag accessories

Must have diaper bag accessories

Diapers bags have changed the game for traveling bags, especially when they are paired with the right accessories. Here is a list of the top must-have diaper bag accessories.

If you think choosing a diaper bag is easy, you have it coming for you. Getting a diaper bag is just the first step of keeping your things organized while you travel. Without diaper bag accessories to help you separate the necessities, you will have a disorganized diaper bag. It makes it harder for you to get access to certain items faster.

Need I mention how the baby changing process is messy? Getting diaper bag accessories will help you separate dirty from clean items keeping you and the baby clean and healthy. Diaper bag accessories not only help you to maintain the cleanliness of the diaper bag but also its integrity. You keep the diaper bag clean as new and get to use it for years to come.

Must have diaper bag accessories

A wet and dry bag

Skip Hop Waterproof Wet Dry Bag

You need a wet and dry bag to keep your wet and dry items separate. Grab and go bags have to sections. You can keep clean clothes on one side and dirty clothes on the other. Look for a wet-dry bag with convenient features like a waterproof lining, machine wash friendly and PVC free. Be mindful of the size of the wet-dry bag so you do not overpower the space in your diaper bag.

A baby bottle bag /breast milk cooler

This is an insulated bag that keeps your baby’s bottle warm or cold. You can also use it to store Sippy cups, large bottles, and snacks for the baby. It is great for keeping things chilled for longer periods.

Wipes case

Skip Hop Snug Seal Baby Wipes Case

There are plenty of things that could go wrong when you do not store wipes correctly in the diaper bag. The secure wide opening at the top of the case ensures the wipes are properly stored and easily accessible. They also keep wet wipes wet by a moisture stay seal that prevents drying. Diaper bag organizing accessories get one with a strap. You can hook it outside and this allows you to save some space inside the bag.

A pacifier holder /pocket

Silicone Pacifier Holder

Pacifier pockets hold your baby’s pacifies and keeps them clean and easy to access. With a convenient strap so you can attach the pocket or holder for arms reach and easier use. The silicon pacifier holder is east very easy to clean.

Changing pad

Some diaper bags come with a changing pad while others do not. A changing pad is a must-have accessory when you are traveling with your baby.

Having a clean changing station for the baby is very important. The last thing you want is for the child to get sick. Changing pads are designed to make sure that the baby is firmly and securely set into place while you are changing their diaper.

When buying a changing pad, concentrate on features like the curve of the pad, safety belt, waterproof surface, and easy to clean.

Here are the main different types of changing pads

The standard changing pad – this is essentially a mini mattress for diaper changing time.

Travel diaper changing pad – this is lightweight, flat and reusable

The diaper kit changing pad – this is a diaper bag that includes a changing pad and room for everything else you need for a short day trip. It has space for diapers, wipes and more

Disposable changing pad – it is designed to be trashed once you are done changing the baby

Changing pad cover

Changing pad cover

The changing pad cover works like a pillowcase but for your changing pad. It protects your changing pad and is definitely a good investment. More likely than not, you are going to make a mess while changing the baby which is why you need to protect the changing pad beforehand

A travel mat

Travel mats are great for people traveling for long distances with their kids. You can use the travel mat in airports, waiting rooms, public changing tables, waiting rooms and other places. Travel mats create a clean surface for your baby wherever you go. Go for travel mats with a soft, comfortable lightweight fabric that is water resistance and machine wash friendly.

A diaper caddy

Diaper bag caddies have proved to be very useful accessories for diaper bags and traveling moms. Caddies save you so much time, are easy to use and very easy to stock/pack. Diaper caddies save you the time it would take running up and down to the house when you forget something during baby clean ups and quick diaper changes.

Portable diaper caddy

Plastic filing system

This consists of regular plastic filing systems. Using a plastic filing system in your diaper bag helps you keep things organized, intact and easy to access. With a plastic filing system, you are able to access specific items immediately when you need them. get a plastic filing system that is big enough to hold some of the items but not so large to take up space in your diaper bag.

Baby toys

A toy is great for the baby, especially when they are starting to develop some motor skills.  It does not matter what kind of toys you get as long as they are age-friendly and the baby enjoys playing with them. Make sure you get toys that are made of baby-friendly material that won’t harm the baby.

Must have diaper bag accessories for mommy and daddy

Tech cases, wallets, and pouches help keep your essentials safe and separate from the baby’s essentials. They also make it easier for you to access them when you need to use them immediately. You can use the ouches to keep your keys, phones, chargers and am cards. it also reduces the need for extra purses and bags while you are traveling with the baby.

Final word

Diaper bag accessories work like investments.  Sure, you will spend a little more than what was on your budget but will save much more in the long run. With these accessories, you are able to save more time, money and keep your baby happy and healthy.

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