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Parker Baby Diaper Backpack Review

Parker Baby Diaper Backpack Review

Being a mother is exciting, especially when you are taking your newborn to various places and using all these experiences to bond with them. However, the pleasure from these experiences and moments quickly turns into a struggle when you are trying your best to keep your baby’s items organized – and for such small people, they require so many things.

If you have ever struggled with keeping your baby’s things in order even as you have fun, that is where baby diaper bags such as the Parker baby diaper backpack come in. they help you to remain organized throughout your outings with your young one while making sure your baby enjoys the day without leaving you feeling frustrated. However, with so many brands in the market, it can be difficult making a specific choice on what to go for.

In this review, we tackle one of the most well-known brands in the market, and see whether it is worth your money.

What to expect

One of the many important factors to a parent when looking for diaper bags is something that is stylish, timeless and neutral – especially when you are also considering dad, who might need to handle the baby every once in a while. That is what the manufacturer behind this bag is aiming for – through the use of high-quality materials that have a contemporary color scheme to fit into any situation.

Key features

Large capacity

The issue of capacity is very important to consider, since you are carrying a large quantity of items around – diapers, wet wipes, baby lotion, changing mat, extra sets of clothes, and so on. Therefore, it is an important thing to have in your bag – and the bigger it is, the better it is for you.

This bag comes with a minimum of ten pockets, and this also includes insulated baby bottle holders. The interior is quite spacious, as it has plenty of organization essentials – including mesh pocket organizers and a padded laptop pocket. Using the side pockets that feature heavy insulation, you can maintain the temperature of your baby’s food and bottles, and also use the mommy pocket at the front to keep your wallet and keys.

Its design is also unisex, and can be useful in a variety of settings – such as going shopping, heading to the restaurant with your family, and so on. This makes it the perfect gift for a baby shower, and will even fit dad as well due to the colors available; there are six colors you can get.

Changing pad and stroller straps

If you are worried about paying extra money to get useful accessories for your diaper bag, then worry no more – these will sort you out in many ways. The stroller straps are very strong, and the changing pad is waterproof and easy to wipe clean after use, while remaining padded to increase baby’s comfort.

The bag is also easy to attach to the stroller, thanks to the stroller hooks present, and this increases your convenience as you take strolls around with the baby.

Design and fabric

No more using frumpy-looking bags to carry the baby’s essentials; the Parker diaper bag is quite updated with a contemporary sense of style, whether you or dad are using it. The bag is made from different materials to cater to the needs of different consumers as well – including vegan leather accents.

The interior of the bag also features plenty of protection, as it is made from water-resistant polyester. This will make it easier to clean, just in case there are accidental spills (which you need to be prepared for as well).


This is a very important criteria to fulfill, both in terms of comfort and breathability (so that your back does not sweat from trapped heat) – and thankfully, it is present here. The straps are padded, as well as the back area, making it comfortable to carry. The entire material in these areas is also breathable.

Travel suitability

This bag is very good for traveling, due to its large size and adequate pockets. This is great because you can store quite a number of things as you move around, such as an extra setoff clothes, baby food, extra diapers, changing pad, bibs, a small blanket, and so on.

Very good-quality material

The bag itself needs to be as durable as possible – you want to move around with your baby without worrying that the straps will suddenly cut off or that the bag will start falling apart. The good news is that this bag is made from very strong twill polyester, which also happens to be water-resistant.

To add on this, the stitching is also quite impressive in terms of its strength, since it has non-fraying stitching. Along with the very strong zippers, it ensures that you can use this bag throughout the baby and toddler years of your child, and even use it if you happen to get more children in the future – an added bonus, especially when things are so expensive.

We do notice a problem with this material though. The fabric seems to have a smell that does not go away even after some months of use, with even some users complaining that it left their cars smelling. If this is a major issue for you, it is important to note that you can opt for something else.


  • Very aesthetic design
  • Big capacity that can handle many things
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Vegan-friendly and easy to maintain
  • Great for travel due to its versatility


  • The backpack seems to have a smell that never seems to go away
  • After some months or years of use, the magnets on the top breakaway, and the fabric starts to fall apart


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Final thoughts

The Parker diaper bag is quite a great pick, especially for mothers that want to live a vegan-friendly lifestyle. It can be quite hard to do so, especially since many diaper bags feature animal products such as leather, but this is a great choice for the environmentally-conscious parent – plus the designs are attractive enough to suit both mom and dad.

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