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What to pack in a diaper bag for hospital – labour kit essentials

What to pack in a diaper bag for hospital – labour kit essentials

It’s your due date and you are ready to pop that baby out; all you need is to pick up your baby and diaper bag and be on the go. Here is what to pack in your diaper bag for the hospital.

With the due date approaching fast, there are several things you need to take care of. The baby might arrive any second which means you have to be ready. Going into labor is exiting yet nerving and can be stressful if you are no ready. Planning and packing ahead will help you reduce the stress of giving birth. If you are not sure what to pack; you do not need to worry. This checklist will help you get as ready as you can be for the baby.

When should you pack the hospital and bag?

When it comes to having the baby, timing is everything. This includes choosing the perfect time to pack that hospital bag. You need to give it enough time to allow for flexibility. Packing extra early is great for emergencies or people with a high-risk pregnancy. This means that you will be ready, regardless of what happens.

The perfect time to get everything in order is the period between 36 and 38 weeks of pregnancy. That way, in case labor, begins early you will be as ready as you can be. The time period also allows for modifications if need be. When you pack your hospital bag is up to you but doing it earlier will save you plenty of time and the stress you may experience packing the bag late.

Basically, have the labor and diaper bags ready when you are 36 weeks pregnant. Keep them somewhere close or accessible so you just have to pick it up and leave when the due date arrives.

What to pack in a diaper bag for hospital – baby essentials

Your baby will not need much during its first few days out of the womb. All you need to give the baby is warmth, nutrients and you. The newborn’s responsibility is eating and sleeping. Most hospitals provide blankets for the baby to keep them warm. Here is what you need to pack in your diaper bag for hospital

A blanket

While some hospitals provide blankets for newborns, you can never be too sure. Carrying your own blanket is always a good idea. It is good to have your blanket in hand just in case you need it for instance on the ride home.

Going home outfit

Keep tabs on the weather conditions when you are about to have the baby. Going to hospital with a bodysuit, booties, and hat for the baby is great during warmer months but you have to pack up some mittens, a jacket and snowsuit when in the winter.


This is not necessary for everyone, but if you plan to bottle feed your baby from the go you must pack some bottles. Babies get hungry fast; which is why you need to be ready. A 2-ounce bottle is perfect for the first few days.

There is no need for wipes

Most hospitals provide diapers and wipes for the newborn babies. You can use the space to take home some extra diapers from the hospital.

What should you pack for yourself when getting ready for the hospital?

Labor outfit

Pack a comfortable outfit to wear when you get to the delivery room. You need a large T-shirt or lose gown. You can also opt for the hospital gown instead. Make sure you know the hospital policy beforehand.

Something that will help you relax

Labour can take you hours or even days which is why you need to pack yourself something to keep you occupied and divert some attention.

Your Cell phone and charger

You still need to communicate with your family and friends while you are in the hospital. You will want to send pictures of your new baby and yourself plus your spouse while in the hospital. Do not forget to carry the charger so you can keep the phone fully charged.

Snacks and water

Your appetite might change while you are in the hospital and it is always great to be prepared. Carry some easy to digest snacks that are healthy to keep your energy levels high during your stay. Ensure you contact the hospital and make sure it is okay first before you do it.

Pillows and slippers

The hospital may have pillows for you but not enough to make the bed as comfortable as your own. Pack a few extra pillows with the permission of the hospital just in case you need them. Make sure they have a unique color so you will not lose them in the hospital. The slippers come in handy when you feel the need to walk around while you are in labor.

Other things to include are;

  • Postpartum Cream
  • Nursing Gown And Bra
  • Extra Underwear
  • Bathrobe
  • Hospital paperwork, ID, and insurance card
  • Birth plan
  • Socks
  • Water spray and sponge
  • Clothes To Wear Home
  • Toiletries And Cosmetics
  • Recovery Bag

For the dad or birth partner you will need;

Snacks and water will keep you full when you are feeling hungry or thirsty during the whole period.

You will need a phone or camera to take pictures of your new baby and the mom. They can keep you guys entertained when you are bored.

Final word

When packing the diaper bag, you also have to keep in mind that you might be in the hospital for two or three nights. It may seem like a long time but you will be too busy recovering from the delivery and charging your body to realize.

Your newborn baby will also not be in use of much of its things. Pack a small, light, convenient diaper bag for the baby. This hospital checklist will help you stay well prepared for the hospital. Get your spouse to help you pack and make everything easier.


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