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diaper bag to disneyland

What you should bring in your Diaper Bag to Disneyland

Disneyland is always fun! I’m sure your little one might even have a unique Disney character that he likes to see.

But Disneyland can also be a real challenge with the little ones. It is essential to have the right equipment in your diaper bag because the day can be long and challenging for small children. The excited energy can soon turn into rage, so it’s best to be prepared!

We love to bring a backpack style diaper bag to Disneyland because it’s so much easier to transport and at the same time, takes care of a busy baby or toddler. In our guide, you’ll find the best backpack baby bag for your Disney trip.

Disneyland Diaper Bag Packlist

1. Snacks
Snacks are so important! They not only fill bellies but can also be an excellent way to keep the little ones busy when life gets a little boring – for example, while they wait in queues for trips. Be sure to take your favorite snacks with you and take a variety of meals with you.

2. Sun Protection
Sun protection is essential for the beautiful, sunny Californian weather! Take it with you so you can reapply it during the day.

3. Sun Hat
A sun hat is also beneficial. No explanation is needed here, right?

4. Sippy Cups
Take a drinking cup filled with water with you. You can easily refill the bowl in the park, so don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Additional Clothing
You should also have a set of spare clothes in your diaper bag. I’m sure you know that and I’m sure you don’t need me to explain to you why you might need it.

6. Diaper Accessories
I heavily recommend that you invest in a diaper change coupling for your trip. This way, you have all your diaper accessories bundled together, and you can simply grab the coupling and leave the bulky diaper bag with the other parent behind.

7. Disneyland Card
Make sure you have a card at hand, it’s handy if your little one has an accident and you need to find toilets as soon as possible. You should also download the Disneyland app to your mobile phone as it is super handy and even shares the queues with you.

8. Wallet
I like to keep mine in my diaper bag, so I don’t have to juggle with an extra handbag for myself.

9. Disinfecting Cloths or Sprays
I strongly recommend that you have some disinfectant wipes or spray at hand. The railings and rides are touched by so many other people. It is best to wipe these tiny little hands quickly before eating.

Hopefully, this article has given you an idea of what you need to pack in your diaper bag for your trip to Disneyland. If you happen to have some tips you can add to our list, please share them in the comments below.

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