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The Best Backpack Diaper Bag With Changing Pad

Why You Need The Best Backpack Diaper Bag With Changing Pad


If you have a bay, a diaper bag is a very item that you shouldn’t leave your home without. The best backpack diaper bag with changing pad will not only hold your diapers but also wipes, baby clothes, toys, and more.

A good diaper backpack will allow you to pack everything that you and your baby need for the day and still be comfortable without putting so much pressure on your shoulders, neck, and back. It will leave your hands free so you can take of your baby and other things. The best part is they come with the latest designs so you can easily use them as a regular backpack when you’re not carrying diapers.

Features of the best backpack diaper bag with changing pad

Spacious enough

A good diaper bag should at least be able to accommodate several diapers, extra baby clothes, wipes, baby bottles, toys, snacks, a changing pad, and even space for your keys, wallet, cellphone, and a book. If you only have one child, you may consider a smaller diaper bag or if you’re going out for a short time you won’t need to carry a lot of things. A large diaper bag, on the other hand, is better if you have more than one child or you’re going out for a long period.

Comfortable to carry

Go for the best backpack diaper bag with changing pad that is lightweight with straps that stay on your shoulders and also help to evenly distribute the weight of the bag. Although padded straps are better, that doesn’t mean that you disqualify the bags without them. While padded backpacks are important if you’re carrying books and laptops, it’s not crucially important for diaper backpacks because baby items aren’t that heavy. The main issue would be whether the bag feels bulky after packing it.

Easy to clean

It’s easier to get a diaper bag that you can toss into the washing machine. Some bags are made with waterproof material like nylon or polyester that you can easily wipe clean with a damp cloth or tissue so you don’t have to worry about baby messes. Between the diaper blowouts, bottle mishaps, and sticky fingers, your bag is bound to get dirty after a while. Get a diaper bag that you can conveniently clean with little hustle.


It’s important to check the construction and quality of a bag before you make any purchases. The diaper bag you choose should not only help take care of all your children, but it should also be useful even after your babies have outgrown using diapers.

Well organized with the right pockets

It’s not enough that the bag should have big pockets, the pockets should also be of a reasonable size and well-arranged so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily without having to rummage through the bag. A mixture of open and closed pockets provides convenience and versatility in a bag. It would also be great to get a diaper bag that comes with a changing pad, but you can get it separately.


Diaper backpacks come in a variety of designs. While some are sleek and modern, others are chic and fun, while others are versatile and look like your normal backpack. Go for a diaper bag that fits your personality and if dad will occasionally carry it, it would be better to choose a diaper bag with a gender-neutral color and design.

Review: Comparison table for the best backpack diaper bag with changing pad

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14 pockets, ergonomic padded shoulder straps, meshed and padded back, lifetime warranty, wipes pocket.
17 pockets, 2 big compartments, durable material, stroller straps, net pocket, hidden pocket.
Specially treated material, padded straps, breathable mesh, ergonomic curve, mommy pocket.
Durable and waterproof lining, pacifier pocket, 16 pockets, wet pocket, unisex design.
Durable, waterproof material, zipped pockets, durable metal zipper, padded straps and back.
15 pockets, 3D breathable padded back, and straps, 3 insulated pockets.
Bag Nation diaper bag backpack

This is the best-organized backpack that has space for everything you and your baby needs and you can see everything in its place. It has lots of pockets in different sizes so that you can stay organized and keep everything from becoming a mess. It’s made with twill polyester which is water-resistant so your bag contents are protected from spills and rain. It has 14 pockets that help you to stay organized and a large changing mat for a quick diaper change together with a sundry bag to put your dirty and soiled clothes and diapers.

The ergonomically padded shoulder straps make it easier for you to carry the bag and the padded back with a breathable mesh help to prevent your back from sweating and increase your comfort. The large changing mat is durable and perfect for daily use. This diaper bag has a strong zipper that keeps everything safely inside and the insulated pockets that can hold more than one bottle to ensure that your baby milk is at the right temperatures. There is also a baby wipes pocket conveniently placed for those messy moments.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Multiple pockets to accommodate all the essential items
  • Has a large and durable changing pad
  • The sundry bag is very effective
  • It can be used by both mum and dad
  • Comes with adjustable stroller straps


  • Doesn’t have many colors to choose from
  • It’s a bit expensive


A great diaper backpack that you can depend on for ample space and comfort when out with your baby. It’s made with durable materials and multiple compartments so you won’t run out of space for essential items. The padded shoulder straps and stroller straps are perfect if you want your hands free. It comes with a lifetime warranty so you can still use it even after your baby has outgrown using diapers.

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Absolute BTS multi-functional large baby diaper backpack

A stylish, unisex diaper backpack that mums can carry as a tote bag and dads can carry around like a backpack. Made with high-quality, durable material that will give you service for many years to come. It also comes with a lifetime warranty which you will love. This versatile diaper backpack is made of a waterproof material that you can easily wipe clean and stroller straps to attach it to your stroller. It has 2 big separated compartments and 17 pockets to help you organize all the stuff you need and make sure the dirty clothes are packed away from the clean ones.

The baby wipes pocket is conveniently placed so that you can easily reach it in case you need to clean a mess. The insulated milk bottle pockets keep the liquids at the right temperature for hours. This diaper bag also has a net pocket where you can put the towels and a hidden pocket with a zipper for your keys or other small items. It’s an ideal bag that you can use when traveling, going out, or shopping.


  • Has comfortable padded shoulder straps
  • Very spacious compartments
  • Unisex design for both mum and dad
  • Made with durable and waterproof material;
  • You can carry it in different ways


  • The seams aren’t very strong


This multi-functional diaper backpack is a stylish bag that is also perfect for dads. Its durable material ensures that you can use it for many years and the fact that it’s waterproof makes it easy to clean. It has two roomy compartments and other smaller pockets that make it easy to pack all you want to carry with even a pocket for your phone, keys, wallet, and other smaller items.

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JuJuBe Be Right diaper bag backpack

This diaper bag backpack has a stylish design with ergonomic straps and breathable mesh to keep you comfortable. It will leave your hands free so you can take care of your little one or do other things. It has a functional style that is also versatile and convenient for the on-the-go mum. You don’t have to worry about this diaper bag because its durable and machine washable material can withstand being put through the wringer. The fabric is treated with Teflon and Agion. The Agion treatment helps the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew on the inside and Teflon protects it from getting stains.

There is plenty of room in the 4 main compartments and the 5 zipped pockets for the baby essentials, a mommy pocket where you can put your keys, wallet, cellphone, and other personal items, a picture pocket, and a sunglass holder. This diaper bag also comes with a zipped compartment at the back for a memory foam changing pad for a quick and easy change of your baby’s diaper. It has shoulder straps that are padded with an ergonomic curve for comfort and a padded back with breathable mesh to keep your back cool and dry and also add to your comfort when carrying the heavy load.


  • The padded straps and back make it comfortable to carry
  • The unique material protects the bag from germs and bacteria
  • Easy to clean
  • Has pockets to put your items


  • The zippers aren’t very strong
  • The main compartment doesn’t have many pockets


A sleek backpack that you can use on your short trips, traveling, grocery shopping, or just a nice day out. The padded back and breathable mesh will keep you cool and comfortable and the numerous pockets will help you stay organized with everything in its place. It even has a pocket for your laptop so you can stay connected while on the go.

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CoolBell baby diaper backpack

A multi-functional diaper bag that is made of nylon cotton with a waterproof polyester lining and lots of practical pockets you can use to put all the baby essentials. It has a large main compartment that is divided into a mesh pocket for your towels and a clothes compartment, also there are other 16 pockets for storing all your baby needs.

It has a pacifier pocket with a zipper to keep it safe and clean for when your baby needs it. A big waterproof pocket for putting all the wet clothes and towels, an insulated right side pocket for the milk bottle, and a left side pocket for putting baby tissues which are conveniently placed for easy access in case you need to clean baby messes. This diaper backpack also comes with a changing pad so that you’re all set when it comes to changing the baby’s diaper. This high-end diaper bag has a unisex design which makes it perfect for both mum and dad.


  • The padded adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry
  • Has a pacifier pocket and wet pocket
  • You can use it as a regular backpack
  • The stroller straps are great
  • Many pockets for storage


  • It gets a bit heavy when full
  • Doesn’t have a cellphone pocket


A high-quality diaper backpack that you can use when going on a short trip, hiking, shopping with the baby, or taking a long trip. Both mum and dad will be comfortable carrying it and multiple pockets help to keep everything in its place so that you can easily access it when you need it.

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Mancro diaper bag backpack

A stylish and durable diaper bag that is made with durable and waterproof nylon fabric to keep your items safe from leakages and rain. It comes with multi-functional pockets that are very useful for your day-to-day use. It has a large compartment that can hold your laptop and books, 2 zipped pockets at the front for baby’s clothes and shoes, a zipped mesh pocket for diapers and towels, 2 insulated pockets to keep the baby’s milk at the right temperature, and a side pocket to put wipes for easy reach.

The stroller straps allow you to attach the diaper bag to the stroller which helps to reduce the pressure from your shoulders. There is a dual metal zipper that closes the main pocket to keep your valuables safe and a tote top handle that you can use when you want to hold the bag like a tote bag. The shoulder straps are adjustable so different people can carry the bag while the padded shoulders and back panel make the bag comfortable to carry on your back. It also comes with a durable changing pad that you can use to comfortably change your baby’s diaper no matter where you are.


  • Stylish for both mum and dad
  • The insulated pockets can hold large bottles
  • Comfortable and well-made
  • Comes with adjustable shoulder straps


  • The main compartment is a bit small for traveling


A stylish and comfortable diaper backpack that is available in black and grey colors so it can easily go with any outfit. It’s lightweight so both mum and dad will love carrying it and the waterproof material will ensure that all your essentials don’t get wet. The numerous compartments make it ideal for traveling or going shopping.

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HapTim multi-functional diaper bag backpack

A multi-function diaper backpack with lots of space which is perfect for a mum with twins or for traveling. It has a big central compartment with a wide opening and 15 other pockets that will ensure that everything you need to pack has space. It has a beautiful backpack design with a 3D breathable padded back and wide padded shoulder straps to keep you comfortable all day and to ensure you don’t get any pains from the weight.

It has 3 insulated pockets to keep the baby bottles and other liquids at the right temperatures, a quick access side pocket for the wipes, and a changing pad to allow you to easily change your baby’s diaper while on the go.  This diaper bag is made with strong, water-resistant polyester fabric with reinforced shoulder straps that ensure the durability of the bag. It also has a hidden pocket at the lower back where you can put your stuff.


  • It’s gender-neutral
  • Has a wide opening at the top
  • It’s comfortable to carry
  • Comes with many pockets that can fit everything


  • The bag is a bit deep
  • The zippers aren’t strong enough


A spacious and comfortable multi-function diaper bag that you can carry with you on your trips. It’s durable and it comes in neutral colors that are perfect for both mum and dad. It has a large capacity where you can pack everything you need and remain small enough to carry on a plane.

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Final thoughts

We all know that babies need regular diaper changes, but that’s not the only thing that they need. So you can’t just put diapers in your purse, you’ll need a lot more space than your purse has, that’s why you need the best backpack diaper bag with changing pad to ensure you pack all the baby essentials. The Bag Nation diaper bag backpack is a stylish and spacious backpack that can accommodate all everything you and your baby need.

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